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  1. Fotoladyvb

    Whole 30 & Alcohol

    Hi all. Day 29 and I can’t wait to introduce my first food group - Gin (with soda and a slice of lime!). Prior to W30 I added a splash of Roses lime juice, which is pure fructose, but o know I’ll have no problem Eliminating. Just rally looking forward to a cocktail - but not 2-e each night. My problem still! Is HEADACHES!!. After lunch almost daily, and now after dinner. I’ve added salt, drank more water, made sure to balance meals. After 3 days of intro I plan to add a little bread to see if this helps. If anything I’ve gotten even more compliant. My husband is very supportive and amazed, but glad I’ll be off the wagon soon. ‘Thanks all!
  2. Fotoladyvb

    Headaches!!! Help!

    Good morning. I’m on day 26!!! Feeling great and I’ve been totally compliant. But the headaches are back in full force. I go to sleep with a headache and wake up with one. I live in Florida and have. Been putting on the heat for the first time this season ( don’t hate me). Could be that? Just wondering what if could be. I’m coasting now and eating maybe a bit less than I was, My skin is positively glowing! Energy is high! And in a very calm and zen place emotionally. The only craving is for a cocktail! Thanks a]Nd sending love
  3. Fotoladyvb

    Day 20! Issuing alcohol and Stevia drops

    Ty! I’ve never cut out dairy before , but I could certainly live without grains. Question, so I can have a cocktail, and the. No other cocktails for 2-3 days? Or can I have one each day for 3 days and remain on the program.
  4. Hi all. I’ve had an interesting journey, my sugar cravings are virtually gone, digestion and sleep sooo much better, inflammation so much better too. And down 1 pant size! Re reintroduction, I feel like if I can add back my Gin and soda with lime, and a piece of Dave’s toast at breakfast and a drop of stevia in my morning coffee I can do this forever. Thoughts and advice most welcome. Love to all!
  5. On my first Whole 30. Today is day 6. I’m 65 , healthy female and active. After feeling pretty crummy since starting I woke up yesterday ready to take on the world! Had a great busy active day. But I woke up from a deep sleep last night and literally walked into a wall on my way back to bed from the bathroom. Didn’t sleep much after that. My headache is back Nd I’m very cranky. I have houseguests arriving today and pretty anxious about that I think. Thought maybe I was on the other side of the struggles. It maybe not. Ughhhhh. I’m trying to observe the desires to eat bread, sugar, etc and to step on the scale for affirmation. Thanks in advance for advice and support all!
  6. Fotoladyvb

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    Hi SK. I’m Susie and I live in Key Largo. Also a first timer, started Sunday. but I have the advantage of being here alone! For a few days. Kids are grown and out of the house, husband back in Virginia. So happy to have found all of you! Making lots of great compliant meals and doing lots of dishes This is the first time I’ve completely given up sugar and alcohol, but I’m determined. unfortunately I’m extremely grumpy and have a wicked headache. i have a family history of heart desease and diabetes and aforementioned sugar addiction. I’m trying to embrace the very strange changes going on on my body, but I frankly feel like crap today - Day 4 xox