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  1. I don't particularly like alcohol so that doesn't bother me. I plan this time maybe to bring in chickpeas at some point but that's the only thing I plan to reintroduce at the moment.
  2. Yes this is exactly what I am aiming for this time. I'd been dairy and grain free for about 8 months and then had some before the round I did in December but I was fine having them and then stopping. Sugar has a different effect on me and I think you are right - just don't allow myself to have even a bite.
  3. My problem is that I'll have some sugar and it'll lead to a full on binge. I sit there and think I know I shouldn't have this but then I do and it does!!!! Hoping that doing 100 days will help me be able to tell myself that one bite is ok and it doesn't have to lead to a full on binge.
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    Hi Ladies, I'm 56 and post-menopause. I've been on my Whole30 journey for the last 3 years and I'm currently 17 days into a round but when not on a round I live about 90/10 on Whole30. My sleep quality and quantity has become worse and worse and I don't understand why. I exercise in the morning, I don't drink caffeine, I don't eat or drink anything after 7pm. I go to bed in a dark, aired room. Sometimes I'll fall asleep quickly but other times I'll lie awake for at least an hour. When I fall asleep quickly I'll wake again after an hour and then it can take me another 1.5-2 hour
  5. Thank you so much for clarifying this as red wine vinegar is something that I buy a lot and the particular brand I used to buy isn't available anymore and I've found that what I can find says exactly this "contains sulfites" which made me think it wasn't allowed.
  6. Hi Whole30ers - I've been lurking for a very long time and have only posted a few times in the past as most of my activity is on Facebook Whole30 groups. I've been actively living Whole30 on and off for the last 4 years and got through 2020 and all it entailed by focusing on keeping Whole30 compliant. On January 1st I committed to doing a Whole100 as I still find when I come off a round that I stray back to sugar so I'm hoping that by doing 100 days that I might finally slay this sugar dragon. I have no problems with any of the other areas after reintroduction but sugar is major for me