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    Day 14; becoming scared of foods i like

    SugarCubeOD.... thank you so much. I will read that link! I do worry and get caught in self-doubt but you have given me lots of 'food for thought' and things to consider and I really appreciate it. It helps me to know that I am not abnormal for these feelings. Honestly, it was getting me more upset to think about maybe I was alone in this. Thank you again for the reply and I will keep reading around to refocus and 'stay the course'.
  2. Today begins my Day 14. I am loving the Whole30 plan, in that it is very clear cut, the rules make sense and are easy to follow. I am happy to be taking control of what I cook and eat. Here is my issue and I am wondering if this is normal or what I can do about it. I love sweet potatoes. I love nuts and fruit. What a joy to be on an eating plan that includes things I enjoy, right? Okay, but in my mind if I like it, then it has to be avoided. I'll cave and have the sweet potatoes with my egg muffins and salad and avocado at breakfast. I might have half of an orange once or twice a week with a handful of nuts at lunch (alongside lunch, not AS lunch)..... but then I worry all day about it. Like if I LIKE IT, maybe I shouldn't be eating it. Does anyone else feel like that? What is wrong with me! Also, any words of advice on why I am feeling so sad would be great. I sometimes feel like I want to eat (I know its just that I want to 'snack' at work at like 10:30 because that is what I always did); and then sometimes I can't even look at my meal. I'd rather just skip it and lay down. Plus even though I know it is completely unrealistic after just 2 weeks, I feel like I was hoping to see or feel a little different (better) by now. I am just kind of frustrated and sad about it. I read the Whole30 book and I just ordered the It Starts With Food book because I am hoping it helps me to understand why I am feeling this way towards food and towards myself. I don't know maybe I am just looking to hear from someone who has felt this way too. Does it get better?