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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Oh no! That is such a bummer! I think starting over is probably the right thing to do! Those labels are so tricky. I hate it when you do your due diligence and ask what is in something and then you find out that is not the case (you with the muffins and me with a black iced coffee at starbucks, though I was able to just take one sip before I figured out they added sugar) I hope you can figure out what affected your mouth. Maybe just add those items individually to your reintroduction at the end?
    I am curious what you packed for camping. We may try to go on a trip this fall/winter and if I can make it "better" than I definitely want to do that. I know there are a bunch of pasts related to it, so I will search for those eventually....
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    I know right! Even before doing my first Whole30 5+ years ago I would have laughed at that. Who is eating that for breakfast? Maybe on a dessert menu, but it was like the first item under their breakfast house specialties. I hope someone from my group gets it so I can see how insane that "breakfast" dish is. It's literally sugar on sugar! I don't think I would have ordered it when I was pregnant and experienced my first sugar dragon!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 3 of Food Freedom!
    Back to Whole30 eating today. Went pretty well. Making choices does seem to be easier this time around. I am sitting in a room of snacks and still have not been tempted. Whoot!
    Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs and strawberries with coconut
    Lunch - Pineapple slaw (so good), hot link and roasted potatoes
    Dinner - Just hash browns and a fried egg. I really don't have too much food at home and we are leaving town soon so I am not trying to buy more stuff....
    I have some "better for you" snacks for my trip. We are planning on shopping for breakfast stuff when we get there, so that  will be nice for one compliant meal a day. I definitely will be having several non complaint meal. We are eating at a bowling alley (eye roll) and a BBQ place. I could probably do something complaint at a BBQ place if they had a non sugar rub, but I do love BBQ and the place we are going is supposed to be really good. I might try to pick better sides (thinking like slaw and fries. yes fries are definitely not complaint, but at least they should have minimal ingredients. i will just make sure I don't over eat them) and have like a bite or two of things like mac and cheese. The breakfast place they have picked out should be interesting. Judging on the website, it think about 60% of the people going to the event are not going to like the place so that should be interesting. The menu seems like a nightmare for a Whole30. Even for breakfast. Their fruit plate has marshmallow sauce. WHAT?!?! The omelettes don't seem terrible though most are covered in some sort of sauce like hollandaise or meat sauce. Double What?!? I do love eggs Benedict and for me that may be "worth it", but I was reading the reviews and some were great and some were bad. To me, that is likely not "worth it" anymore and I may just try to be compliant or maybe fairly complaint, just with cheese. Over eating is definitely something I am going to have to watch out for. We are also likely going to a pizza place. Their pizza is soooo good. Definitely "worth it" but I will make sure to just have one slice and mainly eat salad. To me, the food freedom is so much harder.....My main goal is just to be happy with my food choices. I hope to be at least 50% complaint (maybe not number of meals but at least what is put on my plate) and I hope I don't gain enough to put me back in the 150s. I am very happy finally breaking into the 140s and would like to stay there.
    Side note - when I was packing, I tired on some dresses that I have not worn since my early pregnancy (well and for like two months before I went back to work and had time to make good food and move more) and several (not all) fit! Some were even packed. Sooooo happy. Even though I have not lost much around the arm area, they also looked more shapely, if that makes sense, so YAY! I am feeling very empowered!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 1 and 2 (Saturday & Sunday) - Food Freedom!
    I was hoping to keep it going, but some good opportunities to practice my food freedom came up. All of my breakfasts and dinners were compliant, but my lunches were not. On Saturday, I had some Pad Thai. I looked through the menu and while nothing was really complaint (i would suspect fish sauce and peanuts at a minimum), something like a curry that would have been very close just did not seem worth it. So I choose the Pad Thai and gave the egg roll to my daughter (Whhhhatttt!!!!! I Seriously did not even take a nibble!) It was so worth it. But I did not eat too much and even let my husband have the next day leftovers. Seriously. This is unheard of for me.
    Sunday I had my favorite salad at Mendocino Farms. Not sure on the ingredients, but it does have cheese and very likely sugar, honey, etc. This seemed like a pretty minor off plan meal. Since most of it should have been compliant and they use higher quality ingredients. About half the cheese I gave to my daughter too. Seriously. What is wrong with me. Hahaha. There were several times this weekend that I passed on having "just one bite" of something that was just not worth it to me.
    We will see how long this lasts, but I am pretty proud of this weekend. Hopefully after four days in Vegas, I won't revert back to my old ways. Especially since I wont really have much time to food prep for the week after and we are moving that week. Yikes!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Also found out that my almost two year old also liked it too! I am not too surprised, because she is a pretty adventurous eater but it was definitely a new flavor profile for her since it think we have only had Thai food a few times since she was born and none of those times she has come with us and had never had a Thai curry before.
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 45 (Thursday)
    WHooooo! Officially my last day but there is really no reason I won't be complaint today (Friday). I also have not told my husband I am officially done, since I am trying to continue it until next Thursday, so I don't want him to get any ideas :). I'll probably tell him this weekend if he complains about it. hahaha.
    Breakfast (8:30 AM): chorizo hash (onions, carrots and celery) with guac
    Lunch (12:30 PM): green curry with chicken. I added potatoes for some starchy veggies. Also had some dried mangoes around 3 PM. Didn't really need them, but oh well.
    Dinner (7:30): Hash browns and sausage. I was not really hungry, so I had a small dinner. Still not ideal, but sure yummy.
    Overall the day went well. I did not have any coffee and besides a little afternoon slump I did not feel like I needed it.
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    For the bloating, it could just be normal (see the timeline), but I also know some people have issues with nuts/laura and RX bars and I see those popping up a lot in your diary and certain veggies. So if the bloating continues, you may want to see if some of the things you are eating are triggers. Otherwise, I think around day 8 is pretty common for bloating! It gets better!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Thanks! I really think it was lack of sleep. Not sure if you read earlier in my diary, but we were having issues with my daughter sleeping because she was not feeling well. I had some tiger blood pretty early on, but it disappeared after not sleeping enough.
    I definitely have more weight to go, but I am definitely happier and someone said my face looked like it was glowing last a zit yesterday, but that's my first one. Though I will say my zits don't seem to be food related. I'll go months without them and then just randomly get them for a while. Usually not more than one or two at a time, but as soon as one is gone another one arrives. Some Whole30s I am blemish free and some I have several.  There does seem to be a correlation with stress, but sometimes not. So regardless, if I don't hit my weight goal, I have had enough NSVs to be happy.
    Definitely excited to start my food freedom though! I am hoping it sticks better than last time!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Day 44 (Wednesday)
    Got so far behind on these, but I have remained complaint. Monday through Wednesday were pretty much the same so here we go
    Breakfast (8:30 AM): chorizo hash (onions, carrots and celery) with guac
    Lunch (12:30 PM): green curry with chicken. I added potatoes for some starchy veggies. My husband said that he would pay money at a restaurant for it. On Wednesday I also had some fruit around 3PM.
    Dinner (7:30): Cauliflower rice in the "fried rice style" (Monday and Tuesday).  Wednesday I just had hash browns and a fried egg. I really was not hungry. I did not want to not eat, so I made a small version of my go-to. Definitely missing veggies. The hash browns probably had enough ghee in it to count as fat.
    We have been busy at work and we have been looking for a place to rent. This weekend we are starting to pack. Hopefully we get the place we applied to. I really love it. It is daunting to try to move in a couple of weeks when next weekend we have a family reunion from Thursday through Sunday and really we are leaving on Wednesday night!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    P.S. I accidentally weighed/measured today thinking it was already day 46 (i.e. 45 days done). Instead it was day 45.  Whoops! But definitely some more great results! Another 5.2 pounds gone and another quarter inch off of my waist and hips! I tiger blood is hitting again, because I feel like I am in a great mood. Even my husband mentioned it earlier this week. I am also in love with how strong my nails are. I have never grown them out this long and even without them painted (I got a gel mani last week), they were significantly longer and stronger than ever before.
    Tried on a dress I was hoping to squeeze into and it still doesn't fit as of a few days ago, but I am heading in the right direction and some of the dresses I bought in the last year are starting to get too big! I was surprised at how not disappointed I was. I am actually a little surprised how much weight did come off in the last two weeks. I was expecting 3-4 pounds. My goal of another 10 pounds by Sept 15 seems very reasonable now at about a pound a week. I have about 20 pounds to lose in total, so the next 10 should not be too hard, but definitely harder than the last 17.8! I would totally love to exceed the goal, but not banking on it.
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    Aliem999 reacted to doubledee in Happily Ever After?   
    Day 22: Well, three weeks post Whole-30 I see that I have failed in many ways, not least in posting this log! My goal was to lose one pound per week; instead, in my first two weeks I gained 3. I did settle back down and lose one pound this past week, leaving me right now at 220. Hoping to keep moving in the downward direction going forward!
    Why did I falter? Two things, I think. First, I hurt my knee a few weeks ago. It's on the mend, but I've been hobbled and haven't gotten as much exercise. I hope by next week to be fully healed and back to more walking/jogging. Second, I had several special occasions in the first couple of weeks and I gave myself too much license to go wild on them--my husband's birthday, Father's Day, and most significantly my college reunion, which turned into four days of drinking and eating way too much while reconnecting with old friends. I need to work on moderation: I can do fine during 30 days of absolute abstinence, but I'm much less good at saying okay, I'm going to have one glass of wine and one small dessert (or small helping of chips and dip or whatever)--that one too easily slides into two or more. Because I don't want to completely abstain from sugar or alcohol or gluten for the rest of my life, my key to successful post-Whole 30 is definitely finding good ways to balance and set reasonable limits!
    I have learned that legumes in small quantities don't seem to bother me but too much definitely caused problems. Sugar and gluten don't seem to cause specific reactions, but in large quantities leave me feeling a bit icky. Dairy seems to be the one thing that genuinely causes reactions, most notably it makes me congested in an icky post-nasal drippy sort of way. So dairy is the one thing that I'm working hardest to almost completely eliminate, beans I'm letting back into my regular diet but in small quantities. Sugar and grains I'm largely avoiding but allowing occasional exceptions.
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    Aliem999 reacted to Emma in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    I think that sounds like a good plan. And it gives you a chance to see how much you slide. I know that once I eat the sugars, I'm sliding down a super steep slope. But learning to reign it in again and start up again keeps things balanced and moving forward and is an important skill.
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Felicia1971 in Frustrated - Seeing no difference after 16 days   
    Yes. That's not my situation, but I have seen logs for people that are premenopausal and that seems to really mess up the timeline. They still see results, but it's more up and down. Also, take a step back and think of NSVs. You mentioned suppressed cravings, so that's a really good thing!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Pandora Black in Pandora’s Whole 30 log   
    Congrats! I finished mine a few days after yours, but I am tacking on 15-30 more days. Realized I have an out of town family reunion on day 52 so I am torn. I really don't want to deal with my husbands family nagging all weekend, but I would really like to say I did 60. If you are feeling better and your next round will be successful too!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from JenX in JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019   
    If you haven't seen it, maybe look at the timeline. Based on the timeline, it would be prime time for you to bloat up, though it could also be the coconut aminos as you mentioned. That seems pretty common as well.
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Oaklandish1 in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Yes! Find a store. Get premade hard boiled eggs for lunch. Cut up veggie trays are also good options (just ditch the dressing). A lot of places have premade guac to dip those veggies in. I find that premade guac can even last a few hours out of the fridge (likely a very high lime content plus airtight packaging).
    I also feel like a lot of burger places can make you something compliant. I would be careful with the big chains, but I am sure there are others. Lettuce wrapped, add avocado. Some even have fancy toppings to add that can be complaint.
    One of my Whole30s I did almost exclusively traveling. I had a Whole Foods nearby and ate a lot from their hot/salad bar. Tons of things were complaint and everything had a sign with all of the ingredients listed so you don't even have to talk to someone if you do not want to!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Jihanna in Whole30, Take Two   
    Just to let you know, their official stance is that communion is fine. I took it last Sunday, though is you decide not to, that's also fine! Our church uses grape juice instead of wine though, for the exact reason Jihanna mentioned. I have already done a reintroduction in the past though so I know I don't really have any true food intolerances (though lots of sugar definitely makes me tired and affects my sleep)
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Jihanna in Whole30, Take Two   
    Just to let you know, their official stance is that communion is fine. I took it last Sunday, though is you decide not to, that's also fine! Our church uses grape juice instead of wine though, for the exact reason Jihanna mentioned. I have already done a reintroduction in the past though so I know I don't really have any true food intolerances (though lots of sugar definitely makes me tired and affects my sleep)
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from doubledee in Whole30, Take Two   
    Kids being sick is the worst. My daughter was sick for about a month like a month ago. Cold turned bronchitis, turned ear infection! I was sick on top of it so I was just drained! Only a few more days to go through! Also, what a relief about your mother. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer and unfortunately it is one of the types of cancer that is treatable if caught early, but is often only found in the late stages.
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    Aliem999 reacted to doubledee in Allison's Whole 30 Log   
    Thanks! I'm on Day 20 today, so I'm getting there.
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from Lauraco in Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness   
    Coconut aminos!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat doing the thing diary!   
    Keep going! It will totally be worth it! You can do it. Just over one week away!
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    Aliem999 reacted to jbittinger in Jen's Whole30 Log   
    Will do! I had a lot of food aversions in the beginning but not so much too. Problem is I'm eating chicken, eggs, etc, PLUS tons of junk food because it always seems to be around haha. (I work in an office so there's lots of sitting and treats coming in almost daily ) But I'm determined!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from jbittinger in Jen's Whole30 Log   
    Good luck! I can't imagine doing a Whole30 while pregnant. Plus for about half my pregnancy the only thing I could stomach was bread and the thought of chicken and eggs (yogurt too, but that's not whole30) made me want to vomit. I could barely eat chicken at 6 months pregnant and even then it had to be piping hot. Cold chicken to me had the taste and consistency of raw chicken. I shudder just thinking about it now!
    Keep us updated! I am curious how it goes!
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    Aliem999 got a reaction from nutburger in Ji's Journey (W30 #1 - Jan 2019)   
    Me too! I gave up consistent coffee about 2 years ago. Not for the Whole30. I had other reasons at the time. I was drinking about 4-6 cups a day. It was my "happy juice." I never felt buzzed or even energized after drinking coffee. I would just be "normal." I could literally drink a huge cup (think like 24 oz) of coffee and then go to bed. I did drink them black, so I did not think it was such a big deal. Boy was I wrong. I had only given up coffee once before and both time weeks of headaches and nausea ensued. 
    Cut to months later. I had a coffee while out to eat at breakfast and wow. I felt the caffeine with just one cup of coffee. I do miss the taste. I love coffee. To this day I try not to drink coffee more than 2 days in a row (even decaf), because if I do, I am "hooked" again. No it won't be weeks of headaches. Maybe just one or two days. It is crazy how we can be addicted to something and not even notice it or be addicted to something and it is just socially acceptable (kinda like sugar.) Good luck skipping coffee! Hopefully your symptoms will not be too bad!