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    Meal Timing for a Work Day

    Hello! I'm on day 4 but am struggling a bit with my meal timing. I work 9-5 (leaving the house at 8:30, getting back around 6 or so), and usually take a hot yoga class at either 6:45 or 7:45 each night. This gets me home between 8 and 9 pm, and means I usually don't eat dinner until after 9 pm most nights after eating lunch at 1pm. The food at night leaves me wide awake! I'm also STARVING by the time my class starts. Usually I'd have a small, quick snack like a protein bar, but Whole30 says to eat a pre-workout mini-meal, which really does not seem like a good idea before an hour of hot yoga. What's the best way reschedule my meals / balance this timeline out? Thanks!
  2. MapleSyrup

    1st timer, starting Jan 7th!

    Hello! I'm Kate from DC. I also started the program on the 7th. Days 1 and 2 went so well for me! I'm normally a healthy eater anyway (although with a pretty active sugar monster). Today, Day 3, though... holy headache! I'm exhausted, bloated, and just want to take a nap! I'm dreading the yoga class I signed up for tonight (will I be able to stay awake???) and having to wait until 8 pm for dinner. Good luck to you all! Looking forward to sharing in the journey!