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  1. Nadia some designer actually made a shirt out of a scoby- google it!
  2. Just thought I'd share a pic of my 2 1/2 gallon SCOBY and brew, Denver, started by a dear friend and jazz musician several years ago from a bottle of GT's. He passed it along to me when he moved to Denver to pursue his music. I have passed out many babies from this one. To make 2 1/2 gallons I use 15 bags of organic oolong tea, 2 1/2 cups organic sugar. I bottle in Grolsh bottles, usually unflavored, but leave it out for a day or two to get fizzy before storing in the fridge. I always brew my sweet tea the night before I bottle so as soon as I bottle I can dump in room temp tea and start it
  3. I feel really stressed and anxious when I eat some things like that- though I have heard that eating only the florets (no stalk) well cooked is supposed to be better.