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  1. mountainjillian

    Day 20- no visual results yet

    Robin - thanks for the advice. I actually have not been working out much at all. I walk a half an hour about 3 days during the week, and then on weekends I do a long hike or snowboarding, and one day of weight training/a true cardio half hour of spinning. So overtraining is not an issue with me! When I started my Whole 30, I weighed 178 pounds (eesh.) and I am 5'8'' - definitely have some weight to lose. As I said, I'm not weighing myself so I'm not sure if I've lost. I don't feel like I have, though. I will start a food log today for my final week of Whole 30 so you can see how I've been eating. Maybe I could do something differently that I haven't been. Something to note, I am a Type 1 diabetic but haven't had many low blood sugars lately so I haven't had to reach for as much fruit as I did in the beginning (I was going low all the time!).
  2. mountainjillian

    Day 20- no visual results yet

    Ashley, I can definitely relate to everything you've described here! I am on day 22 and also have not noticed any changes in my body. I REFUSE to weigh myself to avoid further discouragement - but I just think everything looks and fits the same. So frustrating, especially because I definitely have weight to lose (I'd say 15 pounds at the very least). And THEN we have my husband, who has been weighing himself, and has lost 20 pounds!!!!! Grrrrr..... My sleep patterns have also been not as awesome as everyone describes they should be either. I wake up every night about 3 hours after going to sleep! The only real difference I've noticed is my skin, which is clearer. Overall, I do feel more positive about the food I am putting into my body, but am a bit disappointed to not be experiencing the "magic" everyone keeps talking about.
  3. mountainjillian

    Extreme Weight Loss

    This is all very reassuring, thanks all for replying. Tom, I bet his weight loss would slow down if he was building strength right now as well as doing the Whole 30 but he isn't currently exercising. Good to know it will stop once he reaches his "happy weight."
  4. mountainjillian

    Extreme Weight Loss

    He feels pretty good, sometimes he gets really tired. He has a huge appetite, as always, but says he feels like he is eating less now and feeling satisfied (a good thing). I think the same thing, Emily, that his body will find it's "happy weight" now that he's not shoving fast food, sodium, and fruit juice in his face all day and that it will suddenly stop losing once he's reached it. Still, such quick weight loss makes me nervous and seems unsustainable. How quicky did your husband lose his weight?
  5. mountainjillian

    Extreme Weight Loss

    My husband and I are on Day 21 (yeah!) of our Whole 30, and things have been going really well. I have been strictly following the non-food rule of NOT WEIGHING YOURSELF, and while my husband has been so good at the food rules (this is such a HUGE change for him), he has not been following the "other" rules, and has been weighing himself. He lost 7 pounds the first week, 12 by the second, and yesterday, on day 20, he weighed himself and he has LOST 20 POUNDS. In 20 days. I can't help but think this must be unhealthy, right? He wasn't overweight to begin with, he's 6'3" and was 220, now he is 200. It seems to me that the man is constantly eating - he has an INSANE metabolism, and doesn't even work out... he eats probably 4 larabars a day on top of 3 square meals (again, I know this is technically against the rules - I can't convince him not to do that, I've stopped trying). Is this super-quick weight loss bad? Should he be doing anything differently? Meanwhile, all my clothes fit the same. Sigh. The downside of being a woman rather than a man I guess!
  6. mountainjillian

    Ketosis vs. Ketoacidosis

    I tested myself a few days in and also had no ketones. Thanks for the advice everyone, I certainly feel healthy and my blood sugar has been under pretty good control, so I think I am ok!
  7. I know that an essential part of the Whole 30 is teaching your body to rely on fats for energy versus glucose. From my understanding, this is achieved through ketosis. Now, as a Type 1 diabetic, I understand that ketoacidosis, while different from ketosis, is very dangerous. I treat my diabetes with insulin, and my blood sugar has been pretty stable since starting the Whole 30 (much better than usual in fact, and having to take less!). I've read that if your body doesn't produce insulin, it won't know what healthy levels of ketone production is, and could produce too much leading to ketoacidosis. Is this something I should be concerned about during my Whole 30, or does my insulin that I take keep it all in check? Advice from any diabetics most welcome!
  8. mountainjillian

    Type 1 Diabetes Ups and Downs

    Thanks Zoodles! It is so great to hear from another Type 1 diabetic! It is such a challenging disease to get the hang of - so unpredictable.
  9. mountainjillian

    any church goers communion

    Hmmmm... I decided to not participate, at least for my Whole 30 days, because I really want to clean myself out and see how I feel. I think once we're a little "back to normal" (even though I'm never going to go all the way back into my old eating habits) I will definitely participate in communion. I did feel a little bad about not taking it this past Sunday (I am only on day 9) but overall God knows why I am doing this and I can still reflect on Christ's love and forgiveness without participating in communion for a few weeks! But everyone has to decide what's best for them.
  10. mountainjillian

    sick to my stomach

    Hi Jessica, I am on day 9 of my first whole 30 and I had many of the same "tummy issues" you are describing the first few days of my Whole 30. They passed! My best guess is that my body was getting used to digesting these new foods, maybe more fiber than I'm used to or something? I don't know. Maybe sip on some bone broth if you have a tummy ache or some sparkling water for the bubbles. Feel better!
  11. There is a great brand that they are selling at Costco called Zico which is pure coconut water - nothing added! Another brand you can try that I have seen more widely available is called O.N.E. No added sugars, and an excellent taste. I am doing my first Whole 30 now (day 9!) and only drink this if I am having a hard time keeping my blood sugar up (I am a type 1 diabetic). If you have a strong sugar dragon, it might not be advisable to indulge too much! Happy sipping!
  12. I am one week into my Whole 30, and while I have been feeling pretty good (less highs and lows with my blood sugar), sometimes it still hits me and hits me HARD. Yesterday morning, I couldn't do anything to keep my blood sugar up, and I hadn't taken any fast-acting (or bolus) insulin all day. I even had to sip coconut water (boy I hope that's okay on the Whole 30... I think it should be) just to keep myself from going low. Then, I got home for dinner. It was all down hill from there. I had some sweet potatoes with my dinner, and after dinner I was craving SUGAR. I submitted to my weakness and had 2 medjool dates. Bad, bad, bad. That was when my decline started. I. Felt. TERRIBLE. My blood sugar skyrocketed to over 300. I was practicing guitar and had to stop because I felt so terrible. I fell asleep on the couch after taking some insulin at 9pm - seriously in a "sugar coma." I am realizing I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! I need to be satisfied sipping some herbal tea for my "treat" after dinner (if I need it). Seriously, what was I thinking?! It doesn't matter if I have ice cream or "Whole 30 approved" dates - they are basically feeding my body the same sugar rush that is so terrible for my diabetes. I felt so sad and started to cry because I am so tired of the roller coaster I go through every day with my highs and lows with my blood sugar. I am going to try to re-energize, and use the rest of my Whole 30 to really try to get in control of my blood sugar levels. Yes, I can have carbs, but they need to be in amounts my body can manage on its own. Sweet potatoes and dates all within the same hour is simply too much. Let me know if you are a type 1 diabetic and have tips on how to naturally manage your blood sugar.