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  1. Emily Carveth

    Em's First Whole30! Start date = 1/14/18

    Day 4... So far, so good. No headache this morning. Went in for a physical this morning and was very happy to report that I'm doing the Whole30. I want to get the phrase "morbid obesity" OFF my medical chart! It'll be very interesting to see what my bloodwork shows. Breakfast was a harboiled egg and some mixed berries. Picked up some roasted cashews on my way in to work to keep in my desk drawer - I've noticed I get quite hungry mid-morning.
  2. Emily Carveth

    Em's First Whole30! Start date = 1/14/18

    Day 3.... Headaches and body aches! Woke up feeling like absolute garbage. I've been also experiencing crankiness/irritability. I'm guessing this is normal because I'm detoxing from all the sugar I've been eating! Breakfast this morning was my usual, 2 hardboiled eggs drizzled with olive oil and coarse sea salt. I'm probably drinking too much coffee and not enough water as well. I had a great dinner last night at Whole Foods - shrimp with lemon juice/red pepper, roasted brussels sprouts, rainbow carrots, and red onion with olive oil, salt and pepper. Delicious! Lunch today is a salad of arugula, sprouts, carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and grilled chicken with Primal Kitchen Green Goddess dressing (I LOVE their dressings and mayo!)
  3. Emily Carveth

    Megan's First Whole30!

    @megbeveridge so headaches are normal? I'm on Day 3 and I feel like crap! Both head and body aches. I figured it is because I am detoxing off all the sugar I've been eating. I have zero appetite! Definitely going to keep going through, I want to get ALL this bad junk out of my body!
  4. Emily Carveth

    Em's First Whole30! Start date = 1/14/18

    HAHAHA you're very right!
  5. Emily Carveth

    Introducing myself - Start Date = 1/14/19

    Hi Emily! How's your start going?? Good luck!!
  6. Emily Carveth

    Hello! Starting January 14

    Me too! Kicked off this morning! Hoping to help manage my anxiety, depression (and subsequent weight gain from psych meds) and rosacea.
  7. Emily Carveth

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Dang girl! I'm still on 5.7's and 5.8's! Good for you!!
  8. Hello hello! A little background on me: -I work at a veterinary oncology practice and tend to sit a lot (I work at the front desk, but do get to pet a lot of cute dogs) -I'm on several medications for anxiety/depression/bipolar disorder that I would love to be able to decrease someday -I'm working on getting back into a regular yoga practice -For fun/fitness, I'm an indoor rock-climber and I occasionally lift weights with my boyfriend -I have a LONG history of disordered eating! I'm very glad that aside from not eating non-compliant foods, I don't have to weigh/measure/restrict. I have a long history of both binge eating and anorexia and too much weighing/measuring sends me right back to Crazy Town. I am going shopping on Sunday to stock my fridge/pantry and will report back what I bought! Thanks in advance for ANY feedback!
  9. Emily Carveth

    Megan's First Whole30!

    Hey Megan! I'm about to start Whole30 and I am glad to see your post! I'm also an indoor climber and I would love to hear how Whole30 is affecting your climbing. I can't wait!
  10. Hi everyone! Just introducing myself. I am very excited to start the program this coming Monday the 14th (letting myself have a big bang birthday party first). Any feedback for a newbie is much appreciated! Good luck to everyone doing the #januarywhole30!!!