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  1. I am on Day 6 of my first Whole 30. My energy is fine, no real cravings to speak of, and I am sleeping alright. The only “bad” experience I am having so far is burping. I’m talking BIG and LOUD. Usually between meals and isn’t accompanied by any noticeable stomach irritation or bloating. I rarely burp and when I do, they are quiet. I am eating a variety of foods, so there isn’t one particular item I can point to as a cause. I also regularly eat a broad spectrum of healthy foods, so I haven’t introduced anything new or shocking to my system that I can think of. I have been using ghee, which is new to me (but I normally cook with grass fed butter). I am also probably not quite hitting the ideal portion of fat with each meal. I find that I reach satiation much more quickly than normal for me. About an hour after I eat these smaller portions, the burping starts. What’s going on with me?
  2. There is some info out there that indicates green beans can be pretty inflammatory for some folks. I’m no expert, I have just done a lot of reading on the subject and self testing. Might be something your body doesn’t like.
  3. espolcyn

    Itchy skin

    I’m so itchy too! I am on Day 5. Scalp, neck, ears, hands and feet... all itching. Is this a thing?