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  1. mwolfnm

    starting 1/22

    Good luck!!! You got this!
  2. mwolfnm

    Caroline's Whole 30

    Wow! That's a lot of !BOY! energy in your life. I checked out your blog--it's really nicely done. And your vacay properties are gorgeous! It looks like you have a lot on your plate, excuse the pun. Are you still homeschooling the kids? I know that I get super overwhelmed sometimes, and I only have one child. I work at home, and we have a LOT of animals to take care of (horses, goats, chickens, dogs, parrots...). My son goes to a Montessori school and my husband works, so I do get time to myself. Sometimes I think I get too much time alone, and that I've developed some really bad eating habits because the kitchen is always RIGHT THERE. I was starting to eat pretty much everything that wasn't nailed down. Then one glass of wine in the evening turned into 2...then 3... I stopped drinking for a few months, tried to quit carbs, did some IF, tried ADF (alternate day fasting)---I wasn't getting the energy I so desperately wanted, and my fog of depression wasn't lifting, so here I am. I think that Whole30 will give me the framework for a healthy re-boot. Did you decide to start another Whole30? Have a beautiful day ~
  3. mwolfnm

    Caroline's Whole 30

    Hi Caroline! I started my first Whole30 today. How old are your boys? I have a 9-year-old son. My husband started Whole30 with me today--I really hope he sticks with it so that we can support each other. We live in Santa Fe, NM. I'm going to check out your blog---hope you have a good evening. Mary
  4. mwolfnm

    Day 7 - early musings

    want your latke recipe! And as for the stopping eating, I'd say that's a huge NSV---good for you!
  5. mwolfnm

    Em's First Whole30! Start date = 1/14/18

    Hi! You might want to sit down for this... it's 2019. Yup! True story. ;-) So your start date will *I think* be 1/14/19. You timetraveler, you....
  6. mwolfnm

    Starting Saturday, 1/12

    Hello! Starting my first Whole30 tomorrow. Looking forward to an interesting month of resetting my body and my mind. My husband is going to do this with me, so that will make it easier. Did my first W30 grocery shopping today and am going to re-read some of the book tonight before sleep. Here we go!