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    lifefoundonarun reacted to KimG74 in Practical newbie seeking advice   
    Wow, ladies! Thank you all so much for the information. Unfortunately, I've moved my start date back to this coming Monday, February 4th due to illness. However, I'm more ready and motivated than ever before! 
    I'll be including all these replies in my research this weekend. I especially like the check-in daily advice from @Lorna from Canada! Seeing progress is very motivating for me.
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    lifefoundonarun got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...   
    @Lorna from Canada that's so interesting!  Seems like mine are cooling off a bit, but it just makes a lot of sense with the hormones shifting during my whole30 and my body reacting to the shift like that.  I've always been a sensitive one when it comes to making dietary changes.  I have friends who suffer from them and I also have a lot of empathy for them, too.  It's miserable to just have your body light up with heat like that.  Thanks for sharing  
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    lifefoundonarun reacted to Lorna from Canada in Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...   
    @lifefoundonarun Imagine my surprise when, 3 years into full menopause, I had my very FIRST major hot flash around Day10!! I get the too hot thing all the time - blankets on and off, ditto sweaters but I had never previously had an actual hot flash until Day 10 - what a shocker! I do think it's not a coincidence that, as I was moving away from sugar burning and into fat burning, this happened. Clearly the hormone shift was coming from somewhere deep within my body. 
    Fortunately, I only had one. I gained such a renewed sense of love and empathy for all those women who suffer from these all the time - what a dreadful experience.
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    lifefoundonarun got a reaction from pearlgirl2017 in Introduction and Day #12   
    Hi everyone!
    I started my Whole30 on January 1st.  This is my 3rd round.  I've never used the forum before, so I'm excited to interact with other whole30-er's!
    Have a great weekend