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  1. Fujill

    sharing a quick fix for diarrhea

    Thank you. I’ve had this problem for almost a week once I finished my whole30. I may have re introduced more than one thing at a Rome and now I’m totally co fixed as to what ideas and going back to whole30 buteith gluten free grains . I’m confused and feel like crap. I have calcium magnesium tabs but I assumed they might be adding to the problem. Any other advice is greatly appreciated. !
  2. Fujill


    I have never been a huge fan of eggs- they’ve always had to be scrambled, well done, and have tons of cheese. On the whole30 I’ve struggled and not enjoyed eating plain gags at all( even w nutritional yeast or veggies) so u have resorted to blueberry coconut nut hemp bowls for breakfast, which I love. BUT-! When I made an awesome whole30 ‘pad thai’ recipe (so many good ones to try but the sunshine sauce is the key+roasted spaghetti squash!) anyway the EGG in the recipe is mixed with coconut aminos and cooked well done then sliced and put into the pad Thai mix . I LOVE the egg this way! So, I cooked the eggs this way for breakfast today and what a difference. Slightly sweet flavor. I can eat eggs without cheese and enjoy, amazing. Just wanted to share this tip!
  3. Fujill

    Painful gas

    hi, I’m on day 4. Had painful gas all night and read up on fodmaps, and the ones I’ve had lately, which I’ve never had a problem with before. I’ve been drinking plenty of water. I did have green plantains yesterday (which is on the green to eat list) and I never eat those. They were amazing, dipped in avocado w lime. It’s the only thing I can think of out of the ordinary, Other than the fact that I Never eat this much meat! I don’t know what to do. What to eat today. I’ve got to get rid of this gas so uncomfortable . I’m not craving yogurt but maybe I should have a spoonful? I’m taking my normal probiotics and multivitamins. Nothing else new besides more meat veg and nuts than usual, the plantains . My meal planning is in crisis- i don’t know what to eat all day bc of this, please help!