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  1. Can I just say WT@$#!

    Barley is not uncommon in herbal teas. GF is a way of life for me, so I always read labels. For everything. Also, some herb teas contain carob. It's a legume anyway, but I'm also allergic to it. Otherwise, I might not have noticed it in there.
  2. Where do you buy your sunbutter?

    I've made nut butters in my Cuisinart before with no problem. I agree that it does seem like it's in there *forever*, but home made raw almond butter was SO SO MUCH better than any almond butter I'd had out of a jar that I just don't buy it in jars any more. I might try making my own sunbutter too. I've had the Maranatha (whole30 compliant) and the TJs (NOT!) and they are both tasty.