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  1. Getting close to my 30 days! and thinking ahead for when I decide to implement the reintroduction of certain foods. I've been using Nutpods for my coffee creamer but find them a bit expensive. (I tried drinking my coffee black) After doing some research on coconut milk, I found all the chilled was sweetened and all the carton unsweetened coconut milk I could find had collogeanan. (I tried the canned but couldn't get it to mix well) My question is: if I'm going to use one or the other, would it be better to use unsweetened coconut milk in the carton or dairy milk? (Dairy has never bothered me as far as I know and I don't use much)
  2. I'm about to start Whole30 tomorrow and am ordering the book today from Amazon after reading the Whole30 issue of Clean Eating magazine. I was looking to complete my $35 worth so I could get my book today on Amazon Prime :-) and was about to complete it with the 3 pack of these Primal dressings (which includes the Honey Mustard) under Amazons Whole30 page. Glad I read this forum entry! Thank you!