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    Hi Regan. My name is Jeany.  I just ordered my book through Amazon and should be getting it today. I have not picked my start date yet but probably will be Friday, January 25. I am nervous but dedicated and I know I can do this!! I have multiple sclerosis so this is even more important to me then just weight. I need to eliminate foods that drag me down. I recently have noticed some acid reflux, bloating and fatigue. I already kind of started adjusting what goes in my mouth but doing this Whole30 will give me more incentive. Definitely looking forward to this forum and support and ideas.
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    Jeany reacted to ShannonM816 in Instant Pot Recipes????   
    Most of the recipes over at Nom Nom Paleo are either Whole30 or easily modified to be, and she's got lots of Instant Pot recipes: 
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    Jeany reacted to Justin Winn in Instant Pot Recipes????   
    Here's a good round up of Instant Pot recipes: