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  1. Hello all! I've been seeing a lot of posts about periods during the Whole30, but not much about periods post-Whole30. I have a hormonal IUD, and I've had it for just over a year now, so my periods have generally been pretty consistent over the past year. I got my last period on day 27 of the Whole30, and it was a pretty normal cycle, but now my period is almost two weeks late this month. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced something this drastic? I have reintroduced all food groups without issues, so I have gone back to eating mostly the same as I had pre-Whole30 but with better food tracking.
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    Pre/post workout snacks

    Thank you both so much!
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    Pre/post workout snacks

    I'm on day 1 and I do Pure Barre classes 4-5 times per week after work, so I'm trying to figure out what would be good to eat for pre/post workouts right before I eat dinner. I was thinking a hard boiled egg and olives for pre-wo, but post-wo has me a bit stumped since I usually get home around 8:15-8:30, then cook dinner and eat. I'm wondering if jerky (beef or turkey) has too much fat for post-wo, and/or if I really need a post-wo mini meal for something like barre class. I generally burn 350-380 calories per class. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!