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  1. I am on day 5 so a little behind but I am feeling great, I didn’t eat horrible to begin with so I think that has something to do with it, but I went to having complete lethargy and brain fog on day to crazy amounts of energy on day 4 and 5 (which is still very new). I’m well aware tomorrow could be back to brain fog, but I’m taking what I can get. I’m getting a little burnt out when preparing food but I find that after I make it, eat it and feel great im encouraged again. Keep at it everyone!!
  2. mjbts2019

    Whole30 Approved at Walmart!

    Just FYI and to celebrate, the frozen whole30 meals at Walmart are SOOOO good. Definitely helping to ease the pain of prepping meals for work. If you haven’t tried them yet you should!!!
  3. Hey! Just finishing up day 3. My advice is similar to above. Don’t even think about calories, look at calories, count calories or even consider them. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I can’t remember one spot in any of the books where they talk about calories. Whole30 is a complete different mindset you have to adapt to. So if you are craving meat, that’s fine. Do you have access to clean meat? On my first day I cooked a lb of bacon and ate a little for breakfast and then dipped it in alvacado throughout the day. Honestly, I snack the whole time on whole30 if I feel I need to in order to stay compliant/sane, but for sure in the first week the books say it’s ok. Do you like almond butter? Alvacado and almond butter help me so much when doing a whole30. Boiled eggs too. But regardless of what you find your “go to” is, just don’t think about calories.
  4. I’m starting tomorrow and will be checking in daily. Good luck!!
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    Starting 1/30

    Yes, i used that book the first time around and found it helpful.
  6. mjbts2019

    Starting 1/30

    I’m starting on this day also! Will follow you.
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    Jan 30th start date!!

    Successfully completed my first and only whole30 last May to jumpstart my 80lb weight loss goal. It helped tremendously and completely changed the way I ate. Now I’m wanting to lose an additional 5-10 lbs and reset my mentality regarding food and kind of “clean” things up. I’m also looking forward to all the inevitable NSVs that happen along the way. I’m planning on starting on Jan 30th so that I can be done by the end of Feb. I plan on being on this forum and engaging with others who are doing a whole30 around this time. Good luck everyone!!