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  1. Ryan Oakford Posen

    If I can do it... YOU CAN TOO! We did it

    You have been so assistive as well, THANK YOU for being a Moderator
  2. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Bacon! Please Help

    @SchrodingersCat thanks so much for a quick response! When we see that we can have bacon in the book, what bacon are they referring to? Thank you
  3. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Bacon! Please Help

    Every bacon package I have inspected has %0 sugar in the nutritional facts, however the ingredients state sugar. I am so confused. please assist, this might be silly but losing my mind. el oh el.
  4. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    As Whole30 day (30) approaches I am nervous about the 're-introduction,' process. I want to continue on a path that feels good. This cleanse has been so rewarding just in self-accomplishment alone. What are YOUR tips in continuing? Would you recommend 'The Paleo Way?' I hope everyone is killing it. This was so much fun. Lots of nightmares about sour patch kids and cinnamon hearts. haha
  5. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    Great advice, yes. I am cutting back on fruit. One a day. is better than 4 or 5 haha.
  6. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    Everyone! I need your thoughts. When you have a Moment I have noticed increasing my intake of fruit in the last two days. I am still eating all my solid foods, and my green smoothies, and everything else whole food based. But is it normal to be loving fruit this much, (green apples, pears, bananas,) <-- sometimes adding cinnamon and cashew butter. Please help.
  7. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    HAVE the greatest time! And thank you for taking a moment to watch my crazy self. HAHA <3
  8. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    Thanks so much! @Stac514 look at this blessing!
  9. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    El oh el!! Yass ' I want to gain weight, ' said no one ever haha.
  10. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    You are AWESOME! Thanks again, i'll need you more for sure haha
  11. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    @[email protected] Oh my goodness! please assist, thank you so much for quick response. I want to make sure I am taking all of this in, what do you both recommend. What is a good read?
  12. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    Love this! Thank you for the advice, thanks for also taking a moment to watch, I appreciate it. "time is of the essence." For Smoothie, I always make sure to have a ton of Wholefood along with it. It's more or less my healthy drink for the skin. I am also trying to gain weight on this diet so I eat quite a bit. For example Smoothie 2X a day Spinach, Romain lettuce, turmeric, half a lemon with peel, Whole green apple (just 1x a day) celery. kale, ginger. With full meal. 4 eggs, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, second meal Afternoon 4 eggs, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, chicken, full avocado, of course, unsweetened coconut milk with compliant matcha. Meal three - Second smoothie without fruit. Unsalted Almonds, Baby carrots, Eat a whole pepper, One avacado. Spinach Salad with mushrooms, nighttime - Carrots, almonds, red pepper, sometimes half an orange. Thoughts? Again, the smoothie is never a 'meal replacer.' it's almost so I can force more food in? if that makes sense. But always taken with Tons of other whole foods, aiming for 3000 calories a day.
  13. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    I am on DAY 4, but this is how I Felt for day ONE. Happy MONDAY Y'all. Why do I look at things I NEVER look at when I grocery shop... ugh struggle.
  14. Ryan Oakford Posen

    Detox February - NEW

    You're also from Vancouver! So much fun, now I HAVE TO succeed.