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  1. xFeistyWolfx

    Legoland in California

    Thanks for the tips everyone! Good ideas about trying to bring stuff in on my person . I'm hoping by that time I'll have a good idea of things to make and eat before or after so that I can avoid eating at the park. We will have a car and it looks like re-entry is allowed. So I could run out to the car and eat a snack too. I checked also just checked their website again and it states, "outside food and drink is not permitted in the park, however, water, small snacks, and items required for specific medical or dietary purposes are permitted." So maybe I could get away with bringing in snacks then. I'll let you know what happens! It's not for a couple weeks still.
  2. xFeistyWolfx

    Legoland in California

    So shortly after I decided to start my Whole30, a friend and I decided to take a trip to Legoland with her kids. They are not doing the Whole30 but I will be in my 4th and final week of it at that time (didn't think about it until after tickets were booked). Has anyone been there during Whole30 or have tips for eating at the park? I looked on their website and they do not allow outside food or drink and their restaurants inside don't seem the best for Whole30-ers! I'd hate to go 3 weeks and then blow it all due to this trip. Thanks in advance!!
  3. xFeistyWolfx

    Can't sleep & getting up to pee

    I'm only on my second day and I feel like my mind won't shut off at night. I keep thinking about food and what kind of prepping I'll do or what I'll eat the following day. In addition to this, I also keep having to get up to go pee. It's a bit miserable right now for sure.
  4. xFeistyWolfx

    Starting January 27th & nervous!!

    I like most veggies so I'm hoping I won't really have a problem with it. I agree with the comments that it's all about being prepared so I hope I can do that well. I've also just been reading a lot about Whole30 and joining this forum to read other people's experiences is helpful! I'm learning stuff to help me get ready each day! Side note, I just found out I'll be going out of state for 4 days during my last week of the 30 days. So now I'm worried that's going to screw up my 3 weeks prior. any advice is always appreciated and I'll probably check the forum for if that happened with anyone else!!
  5. xFeistyWolfx

    Starting January 27th & nervous!!

    Yes I plan on meal prepping and shopping this weekend so I hope to be well prepared! I also have a few of the cookbooks so hopefully that'll help. Let me know if you do start on the 27th as well! (Or shortly after too).
  6. I've decided to start my Whole30 journey this coming Sunday, the 27th! I'm actually extremely nervous as my boyfriend will not doing it with me and we live together. I'm worried my cravings will kick in and I'll raid his snacks. However, I'm also extremely excited to do this and learn more about how food makes me feel!! Thanks for the support!