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  1. Today has gnoe well. My coffee is the biggest challenge so far and veggies for breakfast. I think once I get started I will be OK. I am working on prepping things for the week.
  2. I am new to Whole30 just learned about it this week, I have been doing some research and plan to start on Sunday the 27th. In the past I have done best with people I am accountable with. I have had some stomach issues, skin issues, and want to see if the food I am putting into my system has to do with it. I will be honest it is going to kill me to give up sugar. I have a sweet tooth.
  3. jenwestphal

    I’m Annie! Starting 4th Feb!

    I do a mix of sweet potatoes and apples with my protein and it is to die for! How tdo you cook them? this sounds good to me.
  4. jenwestphal

    Starting January 27th & nervous!!

    I wish I was ready to start this weekend because I would. I need to get myself organized better. I am working on trying to find a coffee creamer I like before I actually start. I tried cashew milk and coconut oil, but I ordered a nutpods creamer online that I am going to try. I will need to plan my meals ahead of time. I ordered a whole 30 book today from Amazon with recipes. My problem is that I am picky. I am not a fan of many vegetables. So I hope that I do not get bored with the choices I make. What have you done to plan better?
  5. jenwestphal

    Starting January 27th & nervous!!

    You have to get your own snacks ready for when you need them. Remember why are doing this. I am going start soon. Maybe I will be ready by the 27th and can be a partner for you. I always do better when I have an accountability partner. You can do this, but you have to want to!! . Best of Luck!!