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    Whole 30 for my 30 years old

    Thanks a lot SchrodingersCat !! I will let you know of I need your help!
  2. Hi everyone ! I am Mélanie and I am almost 30. So to celebrate this I want to test whole 30 ! Just kidding ! To be a little more serious, I am (as you can read) a french girl who lives in Paris. I have stomac problems since a year and the doctors can’t find anything. So I want to do this program to see what is wrong with what I eat. I am starting the whole 30 on march because I want to be prepared (and because i am really turning 30 on february and I want to feel free to enjoy it the way I want). If you are french, let me know ! All the Brands and some products mentionned in the book can’t be find in France so I already have a TON of questions. Thanks for the help and for reading me, I hope you will understand me ! See you later around here Mélanie