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    Lost my job while on Whole30

    I started my first Whole30 journey on January 10th 2019. I was finally getting through the rough days and starting to see how easy it really can be. Then on January 21st, day 12 of my program, I unexpectedly was let go from my job. As a single 31 year old, this came as a big blow. My cravings kicked in hard core. I am so proud to say that it has now been 3 days since this happened and I have not yet once caved to my cravings. Whole30 has given me something to focus on during this extremely hard time. I am now on day 15 and halfway through. I am hoping that I am able to finish the program without a job, due to the expense of the fresh food. I am beyond proud of myself that I was able to make it through the hardest day of my life, thus far, and not give into cravings and I was able to keep the promise to myself that I was going to finish Whole30. If I was not only able to pick myself up after that devastating job loss WHILE sticking to my Whole30 plan without giving into cravings, I know I can do anything! I want to thank this program for helping to give me the strength to keep on going and knowing I don't need candy and pizza to make me feel better.