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  1. AmyDMBFan

    Why No Quinoa??

    Is that a separate book? "It Starts with food." I'll have to grab it, my parents and I are starting it next Monday, so I'm just trying to prepare as much as possible. A lot of the 7 day meal plan just don't sound appetizing to me, so I'm using other recipes from the book, and I've heard the whole30 site has a lot more recipes to choose from? I haven't had a chance to explore the website as much as I'd like because my grandma is in home hospice and I'm her only caregiver at the moment. She's been keeping me quite busy, but my parents are going to help me out by staying with her while a grocery shop. While she naps throughout the day, I'll prep a lot of the foods and such. If you have any good recipes that you love, please share. I'm not a big pork and super fishy fish girl. Halibut, Tilapia, Salmon if grilled, and love shellfish. What really sucks if that I LOVE spicy foods, but my IBS hates them, but Jalape├▒os don't seem to bother it, which is great for salsa and guac. I'm just looking to get on a healthy lifestyle type diet, as well as losing a decent amount of weight. After the 30 days, I might go back to my quinoa, only because I have a great thai quinoa salad that is satisfying and delicious. Plus it's something that is an easy food on my IBS. Anyways, I know they have carbs, but I don't eat a lot of potatoes, which is the same amount of carbs, so I'm kind of hoping that's a happy trade off. We will see! : ) Thanks, Amy
  2. AmyDMBFan

    Why No Quinoa??

    Ok, I get your point that meat/veggies would work just as well. But what about potatoes? They have just as many carbohydrates as quinoa, but quinoa has more nutrients and protein. So because potatoes are technically a vegetable, that's why they are allowed? I'm just curious, I also have IBS, which Quinoa was suggested by my Dr. as well as being a low FODMAP diet food as a great fiber source as well as protein, and iron, since i have had previous issues with anemia. I wasn't trying to make you defensive, I was just curious as to why it wasn't allowed when all I've heard were good things about it...
  3. AmyDMBFan

    Why No Quinoa??

    So, I see it's listed as not on the compliant list, but it's doubly better for you that a baked potato...with less carbs...I'm just not sure where the justification of not allowing it is? Anyone have any reasons? Also, what if I eat quinoa, but no potatoes? Since the carb amounts are almost identical, yet, quinoa has double fiber, protein, iron and almost half the bodies necessary magnesium daily. And a bunch of of other vitamins and minerals. I've done this diet once before, but was really bad timing and I didn't plan it well, but now that I'm really into this and want to do it right, but know that quinoa will absolutely bring a lot more nutrition into my whole 30 days than without it. But if someone really honestly has a valid reason for not having it, because the book even says it's not a grain, but could cause similar "problems?" What problems are they referring to? Thanks, Amy