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  1. jjkkramer

    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    Thank you SugarcubeOD. Today I did have the egg and coffee before working out and had full breakfast after working out and it seemed to work well as I was really hungry after my workout. This seems to be the most confusing part of this process. Almost through day one and I am proud of myself!
  2. jjkkramer

    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    So I am new and starting the whole30 tomorrow :) I typically wake up and drive my son to school and then hit the gym (typically one hour btw waking and getting to the gym) If I eat a hardboiled egg and coffee with nut pods before I workout (I am not hard core - I walk on the treadmill for an hr per day) and then come home (10 minutes later) and eat either more eggs or some chicken and some homemade sweet roasted sweet potato wedges (made with evoo) am I good? Then how long do I wait for lunch? Sorry I just want to make sure I am understanding all of this correctly. Thanks in advance!