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    MandaJo reacted to laura_juggles in Weird Added Sugar Issue   
    I think, in a way, it's a little more obvious that something has been intentionally sweetened. Even when that item doing the sweetening is something like apple juice or honey. A lot of labels in the US are able to skirt the added sugar listing requirement by claiming that something like a date is added for fiber. Yeah, no. 
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    MandaJo reacted to SchrodingersCat in Weird Added Sugar Issue   
    Here's the thing about the new added sugar listing on nutritional info (NI). It's actually a bit dumb.
    Add Apple puree to a sauce, it's added sugar according to the NI. But that same Apple puree in its own in a packet will show no added sugar.
    Add honey to sausages = 'added sugar', yet a jar of pure honey will show no added sugar.
    So when you see it but there's no actual straight up sugar source in the ingredients, you have to look at the ingredients to see which one may have naturally contained sugar but when added to this product, now counts as 'added sugar'.
    The intention was good, the execution was... suboptimal.