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  1. ersupple

    Day day 5 "The hangover"

    Thank you for your help!
  2. ersupple

    Day day 5 "The hangover"

    So far eggs, sweet potatoes, avocado, and blueberries for breakfast, salad (kale, carrots, tomato, peppers, cucumbers, sometimes with egg and avocado) and clementine for lunch, dinners have included pork meatballs and cauliflower rice, chicken stirfry with veggies, chicken stew with veggies, and for snacks I have had carrots, nuts (cashews, macadamia and walnuts), hardboiled eggs, clementines, carrots, and grapes. Maybe I need more fat and protein?
  3. ersupple

    Day day 5 "The hangover"

    Thanks for your response, sugarcubeOD. I was thinking that too, but it has been carrying on for 3 days now without progressing into anything. I really think it is the hangover phase... just looking for dietary tips to help improve symptoms. I have been drinking lots of water!
  4. Hi everyone! I am on day 5 of my first ever Whole30! It is going really well with eating and meal planning, etc. We were really prepared. However, I have been in "the hangover" phase since day 3. It's bad. My back hurts (which never hurts), I am achey, tired, irritable, and my throat is very sore (WTF?) What gives? Is there anything I can do to get through this phase? Or do I need to just wait it out? I was fairly healthy before the program, running and doing yoga regularly (neither of which I can do right now) and eating kale and very few processed foods. So, I am a bit surprised I feel this crappy. HELP!