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    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Hi there. New one here and just starting to research what Whole 30 is all about and how to do it. I had my bypass 13 years ago (215lb weight loss) and still have my gallbladder. I may be a little different in that once having surgery I found my weight loss for the first time mimicked a non-bypass in that it was based on eating well and proper exercise. My issue has been the last 4 years I have started to struggle with nutritional absorption and we are currently testing for autoimmune. The protein shakes I had (not whole30 compliant) were in fact low in sugar as well as supplements. What I am noticing with the suggestions to split meals, which were against what bypass Dr. suggest as it "CAN" promote grazing and snacking. I guess this is where you need to adjust to what works for you. Listening to your body is key.