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  1. Want to be sure that a lemon ginger tea I got it is compliant, as the ingredients include licorice root and natural licorice flavor among other ingredients and am not sure about them. Attached the label below. On day 27 and don’t want to make a mistake this late in the game! 


  2. Thank you! I have been reading labels carefully, but have seen a lot of broad statements on the forums that “GTs” is ok so just wanted to clarify. And also it’s easy to second guess myself when I read ingredients given that the program is still relatively new. Thanks for taking a look, appreciate it!

  3. Looking for some guidance on deli turkey. I read the most recent Whole30 update that Applegate Farms now has compliant products, and that they are listed on the website as such. It says the organic oven roasted turkey (which I bought) is compliant, and the website has the whole30 logo on the description. However, the ingredient list includes potato starch. Is this really accurate that it’s compliant? Seems like potato starch is sometimes ok, sometimes not. Attached photos of the description from the Applegate Farms site and the ingredient list from the package I got. Guidance appreciated! Thanks in advance.



  4. Hi - still pretty new to Whole30 (day 5!) and the forum, and I’ve read as many threads as I can find about balsamic vinegar, but still hoping I can get an answer on whether this is compliant from someone a bit more experienced with the program. It’s an aged balsamic vinegar which seems to be the only ingredient but then immediately after says “contains sulfites.” Given what I have read I think it’s ok but wanted to get a second opinion. Posted a pic of the relevant portion of the ingredients on the label. Thanks in advance! 1DF2386E-DDF1-438A-B382-BD4E681BDB5A.thumb.jpeg.ea4e45c877bbd040cd62cabb5beeaba3.jpeg

  5. I’m new to this forum and am trying to confirm that my ghee is compliant - it’s called 4th and Heart ghee, underneath that on the front of the jar it says “clarified butter,” but the ingredients say: “clarified butter (milk).” I’m assuming that’s just a precaution since it’s made from milk but want to confirm it’s compliant.  Thanks in advance for help!