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    Will do! I had a lot of food aversions in the beginning but not so much too. Problem is I'm eating chicken, eggs, etc, PLUS tons of junk food because it always seems to be around haha. (I work in an office so there's lots of sitting and treats coming in almost daily ) But I'm determined!
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    jbittinger reacted to Aliem999 in Jen's Whole30 Log   
    Good luck! I can't imagine doing a Whole30 while pregnant. Plus for about half my pregnancy the only thing I could stomach was bread and the thought of chicken and eggs (yogurt too, but that's not whole30) made me want to vomit. I could barely eat chicken at 6 months pregnant and even then it had to be piping hot. Cold chicken to me had the taste and consistency of raw chicken. I shudder just thinking about it now!
    Keep us updated! I am curious how it goes!