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  1. hellokatie

    Starting February 11, 2019 -- Join in!

    hahahahah :-) if it's warm, I'll be there in a flash!
  2. hellokatie

    Starting February 11, 2019 -- Join in!

    hey hey! I started today as well. I'm also from Europe (Vienna, Austria) ;-) it's really hard finding compliant stuff here, so I'll be making my own everything. I enjoy cooking a lot, so this aspect of whole30 shouldn't be a problem. what I'm "afraid" of is going to Crossfit fasted, as I work out three times a week at 6 am. it's not a problem now, but I'm curious if I'll mange that on whole30. I'm not very keen on eating something beforehand. anyone working out so early in the morning? how do you do it? here is my R1D1M1 - Sweet potato eggs nest over stir fried cabbage, mushrooms, spinach, carrots and onions. A dollop of guac.
  3. hellokatie

    dehydrated pea shells

    it's soooo hard finding anything compliant in Europe, so when I thought I did, I was over the moon. but.... dehydrated pea shells, damn it! can I?
  4. hellokatie

    Starting Feb 11th

    hello there! I'll be starting my first round of whole30 on the 11th of February. As I live in Europe, I have the feeling that I'm reinventing the wheel because there are no recommendations for compliant products for this part of the World. Mostly because of that I'm thinking of starting a blog to help other German-speaking folks find their way through European whole30 jungle. as you could have guessed English is not my mother tongue, so bear with me and my mistakes ;-)
  5. hellokatie

    February Starter ♥️♥️♥️

    hey hey! I'm Katie and I'll be starting Feb, 11th after my vacation. looking forward to it!