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  1. Cmk

    Funny Taste

    I have had the metallic taste in my mouth since day 4. I beefed up starchy vegetables, something at each meal and followed the food template. I did not snack and was never hungry. No matter what I ate still could not get rid of it. I am now done and have finished my introduction which ended on Thursday. Still cannot get rid of metallic taste. Not sure what to do? I never had this issue before Whole 30. Any help would be much appreciated. I like the Whole 30 way of eating, but am really getting tired of the metallic taste. Do not really want to go back to old habits, ie coffee creamer, afternoon sugary snack. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. Cmk

    Chili recipe

    Looking for a good chili recipe made with hamburger in the crockpot. Do you have any to share? I have the Whole 30 book with Classic Chili recipe, is this good, anything better?
  3. Cmk

    Funny Taste

    I realized I don’t think I am. Would that be potatoes? What other option would I have?
  4. Cmk

    Funny Taste

    I am on my 9 day and have the same metallic awful taste in my mouth. I have had it for a few days. I am not snacking and I am full after each meal. Any other reason? Anything to do to get rid of the taste?