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    Monita,  I finished my first Whole30 on January 31.   Like you, I considered doing a Whole30 plus a drink here or there - but decided not to.   I LOVE wine, and love me a good IPA.   
    I am SO glad that I did.    I almost caved on day 10 - but then Sweet Melissa popped up on my Facebook feed telling me that most people, if they are going to quit, quit on Day 10 or 11.  She convinced me to push through.  
    It was hard.  I had cravings.  But sometimes, I would just have a little bit of compliant Kombucha in a wine glass or a cup of herbal tea.  And guess what?  The cravings got to be less and less.   By about the two week mark, cravings were gone. 
    The most noticeable thing was that I slept better than I had in a long time, and woke up feeling refreshed and happy.         
    Anyway, I am going to encourage you to give this 100% for 30 days.  If you don't, not gonna judge, but I encourage you because I want everyone to experience feeling the way I do now, and for me I KNOW that it wouldn't have been possible with alcohol. 
    Also, are you eating enough carbs?  Maybe have fruit earlier in the day, sweet potatoes, and regular potatoes?
    Good luck, whatever you decide to do!
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    Hi all.  Day 29 and I can’t wait to introduce my first food group - Gin (with soda and a slice of lime!).  Prior to W30 I added a splash of Roses lime juice, which is pure fructose, but o know I’ll have no problem Eliminating.   Just rally looking forward to a cocktail - but not 2-e each night. 
    My problem still! Is HEADACHES!!. After lunch almost daily, and now after dinner.  I’ve added salt, drank more water, made sure to balance meals.  After 3 days of intro I plan to add a little bread to see if this helps. If anything I’ve gotten even more compliant. My husband is very supportive and amazed, but glad I’ll be off the wagon soon.  
    ‘Thanks all!
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    Let me weigh in here. I'm a wine connoisseur with extensive education in wine. I have a dedicated cellar in my home with some pretty special bottles. I really, really, REALLY love wine. Initially we thought we would do a Whole30 plus wine thing but then we decided that, if we were going to do this, we were going to do it all in. 100%.
    The first few weeks were really tough. Lots of headaches and brain fog. I agree with taking some tylenol and getting over the sugar withdrawal ASAP. By Friday night, I could hear bottles calling me by name. It was so tempting and so, so hard.  It was, in fact, the only thing I craved. But, now on Day 31, I am so glad we did Whole 30 as designed. In fact, I am so convinced of the benefits of the program, that I committed to an additional 10 days so I don't muddy the waters of re-introduction with serious jetlag (travel from Toronto to Adelaide jetlag). That means a Whole 40 without wine AND I'm travelling to South Australia where some of the best shiraz and reislings in the world are made. Even I can't believe it -40 days without wine.
    I don't think wine causes me any problems. Despite my love of it, I don't drink to access and didn't have any kind of withdrawal from it besides sadness and missing it. But, something has been messing with me because, after 31 days - I feel amazing. The best I ever have in, literally, decades. I am really looking forward to reintroducing it in 9 days - because, I don't think it's causing any problems but, I won't know that for sure for 9 more days. That's how this works afterall  
    If I find out wine causes me problems, I'll have choices and decisions to make. I'll cross that bridge in 9 days. If it's fine, I'll carry on with Paleo plus wne.
    I encourage you to choose to have this whole experience  - 100%.  It's been an absolutely phenomenal for me and my 2 famjam members who did this with me. 
    Good luck however you decide. 
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    monita516 got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Whole 30 & Alcohol   
    Thank you so much for your prompt and informative response. I appreciate the fact that you were kind and not judgmental about my concerns and situation, etc. Your response was very helpful and encouraging. Have a great weekend!
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    monita516 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Whole 30 & Alcohol   
    You can drink and follow all the other principles of the Whole30 but you would not be doing a Whole30, you would be doing your own program.  If now's not a good time for you to give up drinking, that's totally fine and we're not here to judge but rather support you when you're ready.  There are lots of discussions around how to navigate not drinking on Whole30 even with a richly scheduled social calendar but again, the final decision is up to you.
    As far as the headaches, if it is sugar withdrawl, feeding yourself more sugar in the form of fruit isn't going to be a great solution.  You'd be better off to take the tylenol and kick the sugar withdrawls rather than dragging them out by giving yourself that bit of sugar every night.
    It's likely you wouldn't find many stories of someone doing Whole30 with alcohol and then reporting their experience on a Whole30 platform because we keep the topics around the successes of Whole30 on topic to those who have completed them within the rules.  You do raise a good point tho, for yourself, you're never going to know what the difference is between doing it with alcohol and doing it without until you do both - we have no way of knowing how much or little alcohol affects your system, your cravings, your willpower, your energy, headaches, bloating etc...