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  1. Hi everyone, I’m staring a second round of whole 30 next week. I currently workout at home and am doing Lift4 on Beachbody on demand which is primarily strength training (with a small amount of cardio). I also do an extra day of cardio, and some yoga. I burn around 300 calories when doing the Lift4 program. I’m wondering if I really need pre and post workout meals, If I’m only burning around 300 calories (per my Fitbit). At what point should we not consume those meals? Or should I still consume those meals? When I did my first round of whole30 last year I was primarily doing cardio workouts where I burned around 450-500 calories. I did follow the meal plan template exactly and did have pre and post workout meals. Basically my concern is that I may be overeating if I consume pre-post workout meals this upcoming round, because I don’t burn as much calories with the strength training via Lift4. My main reasoning for doing a whole30 isn’t weight loss, but I am or have been working on losing weight and this is why I’m bringing it up. I tried searching for concrete info on this and really couldn’t find anything. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you, Jaclyn