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  1. lahendri

    Red Lobster Whole30 Compliant Dishes?

    It will be hard to resist their biscuits for sure!
  2. lahendri

    Red Lobster Whole30 Compliant Dishes?

    Thank you both!
  3. My friend’s birthday celebration is going to be at Red Lobster tomorrow and I just started my first Whole30 three days ago. I’ve glanced at Red Lobster’s menu and have even used their nutrition menu ( to try and come up with ideas on what I could eat. It seems even the snow crab legs, steak, salmon, and large garden salad have sugar. I remember reading in the book that if it even says 0g to avoid it, so from what I can tell all these options aren’t compliant. I’m just ready to grab a compliant Chipotle bowl before heading over to her celebration, but can anyone help to make sure I’m not reading the labels on this link wrong for the future? Thanks