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  1. Skrefe1

    Soy Lecithin

    Thank you for the reply’s- it’s not that I’m looking for a way out, its that I very much have been able to rationalize decisions- like skipping a Super Bowl party, and almost being at the point where I never want eggs again, with the fact that “it’s only 30 days”, and with not having seen any of the positive benefits yet- a lack of caffeine (I can’t drink Coffee so I am used to getting it through soda) makes me ultra-cranky, the mentioned sleeping issues (likely due to the drastic diet change)- the idea of doing anything more than 30 days is just something I’m not willing to accept at this time. Im hopeful that in the next few days I’ll finally get to the point where I’m feeling the positive aspects, and I’ll continue on.
  2. Skrefe1

    Soy Lecithin

    I'm on day 12 and I have been having a miserable time with the program. I've had bouts of insomnia since I've started, I've been having severe mood swings, i'm yelling at people at work that i shouldn't be yelling at (and got a formal write-up), but I have been doing my best and staying 100% true to the program. This morning, at a meeting, I grabbed a Teabag of herbal tea, made a cup of tea, took 1 sip, and remembered "oh, I need to look at the label", and saw that it had Soy Lecithin, and threw the rest of the cup out. This isn't a "should I restart" question, because based on my experience I do no plan to ever try Whole30 again, but if there is a chance that there might be a positive outcome, I am willing to stick it out and finish it. My question is if there is even a point- will I get anything positive out of the rest of the program with that 1 sip of Soy Lecithin? Or would continuing for another 18 days of a higher fat diet that i'm used to having combined with all the mental/physical issues I'm having be more damaging to my health? Thank you for your response