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  1. Jill9802

    Turned off from food

    Thanks a lot. I don't have one now but definitely would say I've got some disordered eating things going on bc of having an ED in highschool. I'm in my 30s. I really wanted this to work bc every other food modifcation plan had been such a struggle. I see the holistic nutritionist in a week and will discuss. I think I'm also hormonal so maybe everything is just that, idk. I see a therapist as often as I can, but haven't seen her since I started, but not seeing her was beyond my control. I read the links and they're helpful, thank you ❤️
  2. Jill9802

    Turned off from food

    This is me. It's day four round 1. All I feel like eating is fruit but in my head im thinking this is not the whole 30. Im struggling.. Just like I've struggled with every other food modifcations I've tried. I have a history of ED. The thought of any whole 30 food makes me sick to my stomach. Fruit may be my only option now.
  3. Day 3. It's been rough.. I got up super late because I was Soo tired so I got a late start to my allergy shot and work. Meal 1 was four eggs with one banana , sweet potato, and chicken breast. About halfway through finishing I felt full so I stopped eating. Of course a few hours later I was hungry again so who knows. I let the hunger pass until I was feeling dizzy and ended up with meal 2. I have an active job , walking and driving so I figured I'd better eat something. On Sunday I made a Waldorf chicken salad with shredded chicken, celery, green onions, almonds, grapes and Chipotle mayo by PK. I ate about half a square container..not sure how much that'd. A cup or more? I was not totally full but just couldn't finish it. I had also pack butternut squash and almond butter but never ate those. I wrote the following at work. /Within the past few years of trying to switch up my health and eating I typically only last 2.5 days and give up on the 3rd day. Today is the 3rd day of Whole30. I am tired of eating savory items and I'm almost nauseous or lacking an appetite thinking of food. I won't be giving up because I really want to accomplish this..I do have some freeze-dried fruit at home that I may get into. I know it's against the rules (I think) but it's better than quitting. Or at least having that thought of nature's candy at home is helpful.\ Once home i made some fruity iced tea and had a little freeze dried fruit. I made dinner but just wasn't really wanting it, no appetite but was slightly hungry. I eventually ate some dinner, made a great value BBQ chicken and veggies frozen meal. Went to choir and then came home and had more freeze dried fruit and a banana. I'm hungry but just not wanting any of the food I have. Not really sure what I want. My mouth has been very dry even with drinking loads of water. My poops are clean and sometimes just dissolve. Still low energy and today dizzy and lack of appetite or nausea. I'm concerned about eating fruit vs veggies but it's really all I can stomach right now and I'd like to think eating fruit is better than quitting and I'd hate to starve myself and go back to ED-behaviors.
  4. Day 2 (yesterday) Day 2 from yesterday. Sweet potato and 1/2 can coconut milk pureed with 3 HB eggs for meal 1. Snack was 1/2 avocado with 4 Bacon's. Meal 2 dinner was leftover sausage bake with carrots and broccoli. I'm still questioning on portion sizes and what a fat vs protein is. And knowing how many servings of each go with my meal. I'm eating late, well getting up late, so my meals don't equal three. I am finding I'm not necessarily hungry in between meals but sometimes I get the blood sugar crazies. I got a little bit before talking a walk and I wasn't sure what to do but I let it pass and had the bacon and avocado after my walk bc I was hungry. At dinner I started craving comfort food, sugar and carbs, stuff I can't have. Or even just butter on my veggies. I was full enough to not be able to eat my fruit so I saved it to eat at bingo. Luckily only a few people around me were nomming on stuff. I had my water and fruit. I started getting the munchies and hungry so I ate my fruit. Once home, more munchies but I resisted. Knowing that I'm committed to something and if I gave in it would be detrimental helped me not to give in. I am getting bored with my food..my sleep is still messy. I'm not expecting any quick changes though. I'm not finding much support on here, insta, but have tried the forums and I'm getting feedback. I've gotten behind on posting though as I'm getting burnout from everything else. I may try a Facebook group. Work days (wed and Thurs) I'll be getting 3 meals in, bit also be bored and in my car all day so that makes me prone to munchies. And I won't be able to have anything in my mouth like hard candy or gum. *I noticed satiety kick in at dinner but I was legit hungry when I ate the bacon and avocado.
  5. Okay, moving this to the journaling section would be great, thank you! Ok, thanks for the explanation. Now if I were to have a snack and had two fats (bacon and avocado) is that a no-no because of lack of protein and veggies? Thank you for your help , I have no one else near me doing whole30. The forum has been a great resource!
  6. I guess I'll just add to my thread for my whole journey. I'm still trying to figure out this forum. It has been years since I've been active in a forum . Anyway, I got up earlier today, and tried to go by the meal template. I'm still unsure if I did it "right" today. I only have eggs for a protein but will be thawing some chicken breasts so I can have more of a variety. And is bacon considered a protein or fat? If protein I'll have that soon. And I guess all the fat options (ghee, coconut milk, and other bolded items) listed and recommended is to choose one per meal? I was thinking all of them but that can't be right..or? So for meal 1 I pureed a sweet potato with coconut milk and cinnamon. And had 3 eggs. This is where I think adding the chicken would've been good. Maybe I had too much sweet potato. My mood is a bit blah. I don't think it's Whole30 related. I'm not feeling the day 2 hangover. I think I just did too much the past several days so today it's like nope. I needed to make another meal for the week and finish laundry but I just don't think I can. I need to rest up for work tomorrow. I was going to use this thread I created as my journal, but please let me know if I can't do it here.
  7. Ah, ok, thanks! I actually don't like raw, crisp veggies but I've been proud of myself for the broccoli I had with dinner. If I mixed it with the other food I could eat it. And some veggies I like them mushy. I meal prepped sweet potatoes and butternut squash for the week ,but will definitely Branch out to the less starchy and greener ones come next week or when I run out of what I have now. So would you say one sweet potato a day is the limit or one starchy veggies a day? And vary the fat source throughout the day?
  8. I didn't have any snacks between meal one and two. Two was dinner. My mom made a sausage egg potato bake, not sure what else was in it but all was compliant, I just don't recall the ingredients right now. And I had either a mini meal, snack or meal three between dinner and bed as I was hungry and wasn't sure if I had anything on hand for a snack, idk. But sweet potato, almond butter , two eggs, and an apple. I guess I'm heavy on the fruits, fat, and starchy veggies ... Ha, guess everything. I can't tell if the visual meal / size template is for EACH meal. I know that was one of my hang-ups before starting today. I'm also not sure what else I'd add to the meal for fat without using almond butter. I have ghee and coconut oil but slathering that on the foods I've chosen doesn't seem to fit, but maybe that's how it's done?
  9. I was wondering if the visual meal template was for EACH meal. So I guess that's a yes? I guess even though I've read the book or in the process I didn't know that about the starchy veggies. Darn..sadly the starchy veggies are kind of the only veggies I like. I saw the banana eggs on insta and didn't really know what the point was. But knew the banana made it extra fruit. The eggs were good and I didn't think it would be like a pancake. Guess I'll eat them without the banana. I fixed two eggs. I didn't know about the eggs in hand.. but if I can have 3 or 4 then that would be great. Thanks so much for your feedback!
  10. Hi! I got up late and am kind of annoyed that my first day is now how I envisioned it. I still need to take before pics and empty a few more food items out of house. I did all my prepping this week yesterday. Just realized I wanted to make one more recipe today so bleh. Guess I'll be doing that soon. For my first meal I had banana eggs, butternut squash, half an apple with almond butter. I have no idea if this is right. I kind of think I should've had less of the apple and more of the veggies. I can't believe how little squash it was after cooked. So is one whole squash one serving? It was a big plate of food and I'm still hungry but will not worry about it I guess. This kind of thing isn't new to me. My energy is low like usual. My meal was tasty. Guess that's my update for now.
  11. Jill9802

    Starting Whole30 2/4/19 - First Timer

    Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Jill and today is also my first day and first Whole30. I'm doing it for health and medical reasons and also wanting to not be a sugar addict anymore. I started my day late but finally had my first meal at 12:30. It was huge and I'm still hungry but will wait it out until a snack or a meal two. I had banana eggs(1 banana 2 eggs, tsp of vanilla bean ghee), roasted butternut squash, 1/2 apple, almond butter, coconut flakes, cinnamon. Everything was very tasty.