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    Are you seeing someone to help with the ED? You may want to touch base with them, or with another trusted doctor or counselor type person in your life.
    Whole30 is meant to make you healthier. If it is not doing that for you, which it sounds like it isn't, this may not be a good time for you to try it, or it may just not be the right program for you to do at all. 
    This has a little more about trying to do whole30 when you have a history of ED:   https://whole30.com/2014/06/dear-melissa-eating-disorders/
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    I am working on getting up earlier, but I'm also trying to listen to my body as much as possible. I'm actually falling asleep before 3am now, so hopefully getting up earlier will follow.

    Breakfast tomorrow is probably going to be leftover chicken and veggies. We ran out of propane, so our stove is out of commission. (I'll use my electric kettle or instant pot to boil a few eggs for lunch), so that'll be a quicker meal than the breakfasts I usually have. 

    I found a salad recipe through WW on Saturday (day 1 was Sunday): Cook chopped bacon until crisp and remove from pan. Add halved grape tomatoes to the pan with a splash of apple cider vinegar and some water (and a little salt and pepper to taste). When cooked, remove tomatoes from pan and fry egg(s) to desired likeness. Toss tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, and salad greens of choice (I use a spinach/arugula blend) together. Top with fried egg(s) and sprinkle with bacon.

    The WW recipe includes making homemade pumpernickle croutons. I decided to add avocado. I suppose I can precook the bacon and tomatoes, but this salad is so perfect when everything comes together fresh that I'm a little afraid to experiment with making things ahead.

    I'm also realizing that another issue I'm having is the fact that I'm just not in the mood to eat. It could be a little psychological issue: if I can't have this non-compliant food, then I don't want anything at all. However, I haven't really had any cravings or overwhelming desires for anything non-compliant. (I've also only had up to 1 piece of fruit per day with my meals this week; I've been focusing more on veggies. I also haven't touched my Rx Bars, so I really haven't been feeding my sugar dragon at all). I'm thinking it's more of the fact that I'd rather just sit and do NOTHING than eat. It feels like eating is too much work.

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    My appetite has disappeared altogether. I'm not interested in b'fast's (tho I know if I don't eat I'll get dizzy spells, so i try to eat something) & Tues night was the only time I've eaten dinner this week (mostly because I was out with friends & felt obligated to eat with everyone (Whole30 approved meal of course)). I eat lunch cos I know my body needs fuel but I'm not actually interested in what I'm eating.
    I'm on Day 12 now & this has been getting worse since Monday (Day 8). I'm getting tired & under extra stress atm - my normal response to stress would be to have a binge (varying in scope depending on other stressors), but now I'm not interested in food. This has NEVER happened to me before (kinda scaring me a little).
    I'm wondering if that's normal?
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    Hi folks!
    I'm on day 15 on the W30 and have been going through a weird problem: I am so turned off from food! I did a W30 in January and didn't have this issue. I'll get so creative with my meals and then I take a bite or two and I am repulsed. Foods that I used to love or eat without any thought feel like torture to me now.
    I feel like I'd rather starve than eat anymore. I use plenty of fats and make delicious noms! I just don't know why I am feeling like I can't eat. No, I'm not pregnant. I am not sick either and drink plenty kombucha and water so I think my probiotics are in tune. I haven't really been having cravings for anything but today especially I just want to give up so bad and order some sushi rolls. 
    A typical day for me is:
    Breakfast - lots of lox with avocado, tomatoes, cukes or 2 eggs with a sausage (from WF).
    Lunch- leftovers or a hearty salad with some kind of protein, lots of veggies, avo, sweet potatoes olive oil and balsamic
    Dinner - sauteed shrimp in olive oil, capers, garlic, red peppers with a side of sauteed spinach or a grilled sirloin with a side salad and side of sweet potato hash browns. 
    I feel very full when I eat and am seldom hungry.
    I found this post from a year ago about my same issue but I feel I'm eating enough, I just get so turned off and force it down   http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/1917-turned-off-by-food/
    Any suggestions? It's really bumming me out because I know the results after 30 days are great!
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    If you like them soft, I recommend steaming them to softness instead of boiling as they retain more nutrients
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    Bacon and Avocado would be fine but I'd be surprised that you'd be able to eat very  much of either since they have built in satiety - you might also find that a bit of an overload so maybe bacon and a hardboiled egg or avocado and some chicken?  If it's bacon and avocado tho, that's not the worst thing you could pick and it sounds delish!
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    If you like your vegetables really soft, that is fine, cook them that way. Whatever way you will eat them is great.
    Usually we tell people to start with about a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day. If you sometimes have more, that's fine, just be sure you're having other vegetables too. If you've already planned this week's meals and mostly have starchy vegetables, that's okay, go with what you have, and next time you meal plan/grocery shop, you can add different ones.
    As far as fat sources, it's good to have a variety over time, but if you have the same one multiple times in a day, that's okay.
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    That cauliflower recipe sounds delicious!  I am a cauliflower hater, having had a bad cauliflower experience as a child, but so many people are saying they like it riced and used in different ways that I'm working myself up to trying it.  I was hesitant to put raisins in dishes due to the sugar content, so happy to know that this recipe is Whole30 approved.  I made a sweet potato/brussel sprout/bacon dish last night and my husband commented that he thought golden raisins would be a good addition to it.  Thanks so much for this good information!  
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    Ya, you could have definitely gone for more veggies.  For starchy carbs like squash, a fist sized serving at least once a day is recommended. Then you fill the rest of your plate with non starchy veg and if you want, some fruit.  You're pretty fruit heavy here with what I assume is a banana mixed into the egg (which incidentally is pretty close to the gray area of banana egg pancakes which are not allowed) and the apple.  You're also maybe a bit heavy on the fat with the coconut and the almond butter.  Nuts are recommended to be limited - think a closed handful of whole nuts every other day at most or the equivalent of nut butter - you might be a bit rich there.
    Take a look at the meal template again and try and get your meals all matching.  Also, eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand without dropping - for most people that's at least 3-4... how many did you have?
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    Yes, the template is for each meal.
    For vegetables, many of them work well roasted, it caramelizes them and brings out any natural sweetness they have. Try broccoli or cauliflower especially. Zucchini doesn't have a huge amount of flavor on its own, so it is great to mix in with other things. I scramble it with eggs sometimes, but it's great spiralized and topped with a meat sauce or chili. Cauliflower "rice" is an easy way to add vegetables, cook it and then plate your meat or other vegetables over it like you would with rice. Or try this recipe:   http://meljoulwan.com/2009/09/03/eat-your-vegetables-cauliflower-fouscous-pilaf/ (you can sub different dried fruit or nuts, use what you have or can find easily.) Many people think they don't like vegetables, but in reality they've mostly had them boiled to the point they're soggy, or canned ones with some margarine on (my mom's specialty when i was growing up), or just generally not well seasoned or cooked quite right, and it makes a huge difference, so be open to trying new things.