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  1. Settyfitness

    Instant pot recipes?

    Hello everyone. I’m on my 6th Whole 30 go around and wow is it getting easier than ever to be Whole 30 compliant all the time! I’m expanding my horizons sooooo....Anyone have any good WHOLE 30 Instant pot recipes I can try? I’m new to the Instant pot....and i am curious what everyone likes in there the best... Thanks in advance and Happy Whole 30!
  2. Settyfitness

    coffee and creamers...

    I love Vital Protein Collagen Creamers...Serves many purposes and makes the coffee taste great. I use it with some nut pods and a frother!! I don’t miss non-compliant creamers one ounce! Hope this helps!
  3. Settyfitness

    Whole 30 & Alcohol

    I find that after giving up alcohol for multiple Whole 30 stints it is amazing how much better I feel not having it. I have learned there is a difference between 1-2 glasses of wine and beer vs. adding a system does not like it. I eat on whole 30 for 90 percent of my time the last 2 years. I truly don’t miss the alcohol. I’ve done 6 hardcore Whole 30’s and at the end i have learned alcohol does not make my body feel very good. My sleep suffers (proven by my sleep tracking), my exercise also performance suffers, and my hydration reduces greatly. I actually go to social functions and get a club soda with lime. This makes me feel social and sipping and at home I drink a carbonated water etc... hope this helps and understand how hard the social aspect can be but i can tell you the pay off at the end when you discover how your body feels without it will outweigh any negative social situations etc... Good luck and many of us have been where you are so don’t feel alone