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  1. For workouts it just depends on how many times per week you are working out how many times do u workout per week?
  2. I teach a pretty high level class and I usually have an extra bar just to get something with a proper macro balance in me. Then after class I like to cook eggs with brussel sprouts and a sweet potato with half an avocado. Hard boiled egg has been a go to at times pre or post depending on my time frame. I take a little ghee in the morning coffee too hope this helps a little
  3. Reintroduction will be liberating and you will feel so much better knowing what makes you feel better/worse. It’s a great feeling when you can move forward to your food freedom with so much knowledge
  4. You’re going to make it this time! We are all here cheering you on
  5. Good luck to you. you have a ton of people here to support you and a ton of resources. I used to have sandwiches for lunch and my easiest solution was finding compliant deli meat (applegate turkey is what I use now) and putting it in a lettuce wrap with cucumbers, tomatoes, and mustard. Sometimes I even add a slice of Whole30 compliant bacon (which applegate also makes). In the last 2 years I mostly use the deli meat on top of a salad with a hard boiled egg and avocado to make like a cobb or chef salad. I hope this helps a little bit.
  6. i just posted this in another thread but we use the Ninja Foodi....there is so much you can make in an air fryer...the Foodi does everything but in the air fryer you have so many options. I love cooking potatoes in ours. i also like to put round pieces of sweet potato in there to make so i can use them as "buns" for turkey burger. I just put the frozen turkey burger right in there. It is great for cooking vegetables too.. We love buffalo cauliflower and also broccoli in there. When I started I would just google whatever food i wanted to make and name of air fryer for tips...good's ni
  7. Hi everyone, maybe this has been posted before but something I found that is a HUGE help for my food prep for the week is the Ninja Foodi. It is a tremendous way to broil, bake, air fry, steam, saute, slow cook and more...I have cooked a whole chicken in here before and a bunch of meals that you can cook where the bottom cooks some of the sides etc while you bake the protein on top. For instance I made a compliant Chicken Teriyaki recipe where I had cauliflower rice and broccoli in the bottom with the sauce and then cooked the chicken on top shelf at same time. It's also great for batch
  8. When I go to a place that has lots of foods like this I just try to get away from that section of the room. So that I can't see or smell it. Obviously at home it's easier because if you don't have it you can't eat it. But going out requires that planning ahead sometimes. It's like a little red siren goes off... STAY AWAY LOL
  9. I'm sure one of our moderators will chime in...but I would restart for sure! You committed to the process of a 30-day reset. You didn't mean to have something off plan, so you know you got this! It can only help! This happened to me when I ate some sundried tomatoes that i realized after had sulfites. I restarted. I want the full benefits of every bit of research I do. I also have a disease that i manage and it was important to me to the program as intended to reap the rewards forever. Hope this helps
  10. Only YOU know how YOU feel ....There aren’t many things in life where everyone has the same reaction. Not everything works for everyone. But a lot of those people it “doesn’t work” for haven’t tried it either. Go with what you know. You put in the work and you are reaping the rewards. We really change up everything in our house based on a recipe we love or want to try. Pork tenderloin is a grilling staple in our house but we cook with many different compliant rubs or sauces. So even if we are eating the same protein it’s never the same. Hope this helps!
  11. GOOD LUCK! You can do anything you put your mind to and everyone here will support you! There’s only one you and this is going to help you take care of you! Toss that scale...and let us know how you’re doing
  12. You can reach out to any of us any time through your journey! Lots of support ! You will learn a lot from the book and if you want to learn even more read “It Starts With Food” good luck! We are all here for you!