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About Me

I am a stress eater, a happy eater, a celebration eater, a snacker, a go-to-happy-hour and go-out-to-eat with friends eater, you name it.  Happy or sad, food and wine go with it.  I think bread is one of my favorite things - even over sweets!

I'm going through a very stressful time at work, and really wanted to do something for myself, rather than eat my way through it.  I have osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis all over the place, and constant pain, especiallly when walking or standing or moving or cleaning or cooking or doing dishes, or trying to sleep - you get the picture.  I'm hoping the anti-inflammatory benefits of Whole30 will help alleviate my pain, and also that losing weight and generally feeling better will boost my mental outlook. 

I am 62 years old and have been on moderately bad food track for the last 10 years after going through a "big surgery" removing all of my lymph nodes from the waist down on my right side because I have Melanoma.  I thought I was gonna die, but here I am coming up on 10 years Melanoma-free, and I need to live better!  I will appreciate all tips, good recipes and support!