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    Lauraco reacted to Gwenn in Hang In There if you have chronic illness   
    I suffer from both severe GERD (I’m not really overweight) and overlapping autoimmune diseases.  I haven’t felt well in years.  I did my 30 days and I have to say, I may have felt better but not great.  I slept better for sure and I lost a few pounds which didn’t hurt but I wouldn’t say I felt WELL.  I’m 7 days into reintro but I pretty much eat Whole 30 anyway because I like it.  Only difference is I don’t go too crazy if there is a small amount of natural sweetener in something.  I did try a little milk in my tea but it tasted gross so I didn’t reintroduce dairy.  The reason I’m posting is that today I woke up and NOW I GET WHAT TIGER BLOOD IS.  I did read it sometimes takes longer if there is chronic illness but man I am glad I stuck to it another week.  Just in case you are discouraged!
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    Lauraco reacted to Sarasaurus in Sara's Whole30   
    Day 7
    Meal 1: 1/2 baked sweet potato w/ 1/4 can coconut milk, handful of raspberries, 5 slices deli turkey
    Meal 2: broccoli w/ ghee, hamburger patty w/ harissa and 1/2 avocado, 1/2 raw carrot w/ tahini dip, watermelon
    PreWO: hardboiled egg, 4 slices deli turkey, dab of chipotle mayo
    Meal 3: seared salmon, green beans w/ coconut oil, mayo/caper sauce
    Workout: Crossfit
    Felt much better today! Overslept and had to improvise a bit with breakfast - did ok but was hungry by 11:30, and hungry again in the afternoon. The constant need for food prep and planning feels overwhelming at times, and I say that as someone who likes to cook. I have been feeling really good in my workouts, not sure yet whether to attribute that to W30 or just to getting back in my routine after vacation.