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    Always Hungry

    I am on week 3, only 6 more days to go! I feel great and I feel my body changing. However, I am always hungry and I am eating 3-4 meals a day. I also find myself grabbing a (compliant) snack on some days as well. Is this within the rules; 3-4 meals and an occasional snack? I am eating large meals and am full when I’m done; however, I’m hungry again only a couple hours later. Is this normal? I should also mention that I am exercising 6 days a week, alternating 30 minute hard circuit sessions with days of 45 minutes of LISS and booty toning routine. Am I extra hungry because of the activity? While I haven’t weighed myself, my clothes are feeling better, but I feel as though I should be seeing more of a dramatic change in the mirror. I’m just wondering if I’m eating too much.
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    Always Hungry

    I’m not intentionally trying to go low fat! I will definitely try incorporating more fat and starchy carbs. Thank you!
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    Always Hungry

    I wake up at 4am and workout at 5am, so food before I workout isn’t really an option. I eat within 30 minutes after finishing my WO though. A day of eating typically looks like this: Bkfst: 3 Eggs cooked with Ghee and cherry tomatoes (or leftover ground beef if I have it) followed by a large banana. Lunch: Approx 2 cups of spaghetti squash topped with ground turkey that has been sautéed with olive oil, diced onion and squash. (This is a large bowl that fills me up). Snack: cup of black coffee. Sometimes a few bites of whatever cooked protein I have in the fridge or a handful of macadamia nuts Dinner: Whole 30 cookbook meal. Favorites have been pulled pork with baked butternut squash and salad; baked chicken thighs with baby potatoes and salad; Sheppard’s pie, etc Again, my meals are very large - bigger than they have been in a long time. Can you see where I might be able to make some adjustments? When my Whole 30 is up, I plan to take a weekend off and then start round two! I love eating this way and plan to make it a lifestyle!