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  1. Hi all, I’m on R4D8 and my hands have been puffy/swollen since Thursday evening. Like too puffy to wear my rings and noticeable when I make a fist swollen. I’ve had inflammation in my fingers before that cause the joints to ache but they haven’t been this puffy before. Any idea if I’m missing something or reacting to anything? Meals for the last three days: Friday breakfast: three eggs, handful of spinach scrambled in olive oil, 1/2 avocado, compliant salsa, coffee. Pre run snack: two mandarins lunch: chicken curry over cauliflower rice. dinner: sous vide pork belly, roasted
  2. I’m prepping for my third Whole30 (first January Whole30 with the whole gang!) and trying to figure out my preworkout meal. Previously I was working out on my lunch break so I’d eat a hard boiled egg and some almond butter or sweet potato about 2.5 hours before my workout. My schedule has changed since my last Whole30 so I now workout at 6:30am before work. Most days I drink a protein smoothie which is a blend of plant based protein powder, 1/2 a banana, almond milk, and almond butter. I try to drink this 30 minutes before my workout and most days I feel great but if I add anything more solid
  3. I believe you only need a preworkout meal if you haven’t eaten within two hours of your workout. It sounds like you workout in the morning so just eating your normal breakfast is probably fine. If you do fasted workouts normally I don’t think it’s a huge issue to continue those unless you’ve noticed a drop of energy. A post workout meal would be breakfast if you’re fasted through the workout. I do a hard boiled egg and a handful of almonds or 1/4 avocado for my preworkout meal and eat lunch as my post workout. You could do compliant deli meat and some avocado if you’re avoiding eggs. For the p
  4. I’ve always gotten dark circles from foods I was allergic or intolerant to, even as a little kid. Years ago it used to be apples that gave me dark circles, now it’s wheat, sugar, and dairy. I don’t think a single food is going to be responsible for the same symptoms in everyone (I can now eat apples without issue) so this would be something I’d pay close attention to during your reintroduction. Salt is another cause of dark circles through fluid retention. Eating processed foods with high sodium levels prior to Whole30 could be responsible. Since your sodium intake has likely dropp
  5. I'm on Day 8 of my second round of Whole30 and my joints have been super achy, slightly, swollen, and stiff. I feel it all over but especially in my fingers and knees. Aside from removing the non-compliant foods and adding more animal proteins (I only eat fish, chicken, and eggs) and vegetables, nothing else has changed in my routine. I'm 26, very active, train horses professionally, workout 5-6 days per week... I don't feel like I should have sore, achy joints, especially not my fingers. It's worse when waking up in the morning but the achy feeling continues all day. It does feel inflammation