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  1. Foodmorning

    Starting February 11, 2019 -- Join in!

    Thank you! I think a creamy soup could do well for me. But sausage patties sound great!!!
  2. Foodmorning

    Starting February 11, 2019 -- Join in!

    Congratulations for your next wedding Joanna! I'm also starting on February 11, since I have no social commitments scheduled for the following weeks and will be easier to stick to the meals plan. For now, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my breakfasts, different from eating eggs :-) If you like (and don't mind my grammar or spelling mistakes, since English is not my mother tongue), we can support each other, share recipes, etc. Ana
  3. Hi, this is Ana from Madrid. I'm taking Whole 30 for first time, and am a bit worried about being able to plan and cook all my meals without making mistakes. And facing breakfast scare me to death! :-) I see myself eating eggs every single morning for a whole month. No way I can eat fish ot meat at 8:00 am. So, any kind of support, mastermind group or help is welcome. And as I'm Spanish, it would be nice to create a Spanish speaking support group. Want to join? Hola, soy Ana, de Madrid. Voy a hacer Whole30 por primera vez, y estoy algo preocupada por si no seré capaz de planificar y cocinar todas mis comidas sin cometer errores. Y estoy muerta de miedo con los desayunos! Me veo comiendo huevos cada mañana durante el mes entero. Imposible para mí comer carne o pescado a las ocho de la mañana. Así que cualquier tipo de ayuda o grupo de apoyo será bienvenido. Y como soy española, estaría bien crear un grupo de apoyo en español. ¿Te apuntas?