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    Always hungry-Awful cravings!

    Thanks everyone!
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    Always hungry-Awful cravings!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will use this week as a learning week, and apply what you both said as I do my grocery shopping this weekend. Just my take away from this: So broaden my veggie choices? Add more of a variety of fruit instead of sticking to one? Yes, I believe my body/hormones is completely out of whack. I am a small person and I have digestive issues, so that somewhat contributes. What would be some good fats to add to each meal? My cravings kick in around my slump time (2-4pm) and are ok once I go to bed. I sit at a desk all day, so it's easy to snack and think about all the things I can't eat. I only snack before I go to the gym, since I am still at work around dinner time.
  3. rforshee11

    Always hungry-Awful cravings!

    I am a little confused on what to eat for breakfast. I am usually good for three hours after breakfast. Hashbrowns= one cup Broccoli= one cup I had 10 boneless bites. I typically get full very fast, and have to eat kids sized portions of food. This makes me think that Whole30 may not make sense for me.
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    First timer-Started Feb. 4

    Hi! This is my first time doing Whole30 and I started on Feb. 4th! I look forward to connecting with a lot of you as we embark on this journey together! I am always open to new recipes, advice, etc. Feel free to share!
  5. Hello, I am new to Whole30, and I am on day 3. I am a huge planner, so before I started I read the book, planned my meals for the first two weeks, grocery shopped, cleaned out my pantry, etc. I knew this journey was going to be difficult to me because I love sugar and have a sweet tooth. I am already dairy free, and dont consume a lot of gluten either. I know it’s early in the game..but I feel awful. Today I had such an intense migraine that it made me nauseous and unable to eat lunch. I tried forcing it down, but just couldn’t do it (I also don’t believe in forcing food when you don’t have an appetite). I don’t like skipping meals, but it was just not a good day. On top of that, I never feel satisfied..or it could be that I’m so used to having a snack, mainly a sugary one, at a specific time..so maybe my body thinks I’m hunrgy when I’m really not. The past three days have been hard, and I wanted to give up after 3pm on my first day. Any advice out there for newbies? Breakfast: Sweet Potato hash browns (I’m not using these as an impersonation food) Strawberries 2 large eggs water Lunch: Boneless bites (from the Whole30 cookbook) Broccoli with compliant ranch Sweet potato fries (once again,not using this as an impersonation food) Fruit Dinner: Healthy broccoli and steak salad Warm Chipotle Lime Mayo Sweet Potato Salad Snacks: I workout and I am usually still at work for dinner, so I need snacks Handful of almonds Strawberries broccoli Sweet potato cubes My sugar cravings have been so bad! I almost can’t concentrate at work and just want to give up and have a bag of cookies from the vending machine. Does this get better?