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  1. Carole65

    Hungry, moody and craving alcohol.

    Thanks so much for your help. I will try your suggestions.
  2. Carole65

    Hungry, moody and craving alcohol.

    Thanks. I have been debating the whole pre/post workout thing. I will start this week with some chicken and a little sweet potato right after and see what happens. My goal is to feel better and lose some weight so eating more is hard. However, I am willing to give it a try. Last week I did it a whole lot more potatoes but not enough veggies. This week I ate more veggies and less potatoes. I will increase the potatoes again and add some carrots and parsnips. And then there is fruit to add in too! I am trying to get over my potatoes are bad for you thoughts. Making a batch of deviled eggs now. Can you help me understand what is wrong with nuts and fruit? I thought that was protein and fruit with some fat? Quiche had 10 eggs, sweet potato leeks, tomatoes and bacon. About 2 total cups veggies including potato. Maybe I should add some spinach? SO it said it served 8 but I think I need to make it 5 so I get enough in the AM. Thoughts? I REALLY appreciate your help here. I want this to work.
  3. I am currently on day 12. Last week was great. I felt full. Didn't do so well at the gym but expected that. (I went 6-7 days just under performed). Not al to of cravings at all. This week I have been hungry. Again gym daily at 5 AM. It started Monday when I forgot the tuna on my tuna nicoicse salad. Today I went to the gym for 30 minutes followed by 60 min yoga. Had 1 serving of Tomato bacon Quiche , snack 3 hours later 1.5 oz of combined cashews, raisins and almonds (1.5 oz Total) , 3 hours later a greek chicken salad with red and yellow peppers, olives, primal ranch dressing, 1 hour later (just now) apple with almond butter. I awoke this AM in a terrible mood. Made the fatal error of getting on the scale (I know WRONG). Planning artichoke tomato chicken with spaghetti squash and Brussel sprouts for dinner. Dying to go out for a drink with my hubby Just a small glass of red wine will do me. I WILL NOT do it BUT I really want to. I will say that I think for breakfast last week I accidentally ate 2 serving of the quiche for breakfast. I am a do it ahead girl and need breakfast and lunches to be done on Sunday and this fit the bill. Any suggestions out there? Thanks.