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  1. PS. I should clarify that I did the reintroduction as per the book; the foods I list above are just examples of what I’ve been eating post-reintroduction...
  2. Did well on Round 1, lost weight, identified food triggers and sensitivities. But now as I am oh-so-carefully reintroducing, I find that even the smallest deviation moves the scale up again - so frustrating! A half-portion of oatmeal one day, honey in my tea the next, rice with dinner third, and bingo - I’m up a pound! (Exercise has remained the same.). What gives?! Of course this is a primary complaint for most popular “diet” programs - and even though Whole30 doesn’t call itself that, I’d hate to think that reintroduction means living Whole30 99% of the time - forever... Anyone else have this happen? RThanks all!
  3. Leigh6

    March 4 Start Date

    Thanks Lorna! I’m anxious to get going so I’m leaving open the possibility of a 2/25 start if I get ready without rushing...
  4. Leigh6

    March 4 Start Date

    I know I’m planning pretty far ahead! But between a weekend trip in February, working fulltime, gathering the food / supplies I need, and preparing a few recipes in advance, I figured I better allow too much time vs. not enough. Excited to start this journey - anyone else with the same start date?