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  1. NJdieter

    Still not working

    And coconut milk as a fat
  2. NJdieter

    Still not working

    All meals are the same (using leftovers for breakfast because eggs aren’t filling): Meat - mostly chicken 2-3 cups of roasted veggies, cauliflower rice, or other vegetables - including some starchy vegetables fat from ghee or avocado 0-2 servings of fruit with meals (apples or berries mostly) nuts once or twice a week if I need a change no snacks at all
  3. NJdieter

    Still not working

    The only positive I can say after this experience is that I have discovered that cauliflower rice makes an acceptable substitute for white rice.
  4. Today is day 20 and I have yet to see any of those “non-scale victories.” I’m not weighing myself but I can now comfortably fit into pants that were 2 sizes *larger* than where I started. My bras and underwear don’t fit anymore either. I’m sleeping terribly and my stomach feels awful after I eat because meat and fats just don’t sit that well with me. As a special bonus I have no athlethtic stamina either. Eg the day before I started I ran 6 miles comfortably. On Sunday I stopped before I hit mile 1. I am not snacking (I’m not particularly hungry) and am eating according to the template. 10 days left and I can’t wait to get back to my normal life.
  5. NJdieter

    Day 30 and disappointed!

    I'm in a similar boat - weight actually going up and no NSVs at all after day 13. I think that the idea that you didn't eat enough to lose weight is ridiculous. At the end of the day I think that this works for people who are eating a lot more calories than what they can reasonably manage on this diet (i.e. you're never going to replace the calories in carton of ice cream with a steak day in or day out). But if you are fairly healthy to begin with it is very easy to end up *worse* off than where you started by replacing healthy legumes and whole grains with full fat coconut milk and a lot more meat than you are used to. I'm sticking it out because I'm doing this to support my husband, but I can't help but be discouraged by this diet. Incidentally last year I just stopped eating refined carbs/sugar but didn't make any other changes to my diet and dropped about 15 lbs. I'm trying to take off the 5 lbs that I put on over the holidays and with post-holiday cookies. It's very clear that it isn't working.
  6. NJdieter

    I don’t know if it is worth it

    Hopefully. He is a huge foodie so seeing him so apathetic about eating is very disconcerting I’m still steadily gaining weight. Apparently eating all this fat and meat/eggs as a source of protein just isn’t working for me. I have yet to see any NSVs either but at least I’m not having cravings.
  7. Babies need a varied diet, and dairy and grains are very important for their development.
  8. NJdieter

    I don’t know if it is worth it

    I think I have figured out part of my husband's problem. He skipped lunch yesterday, skipped breakfast this morning, worked out this morning (cardio + strength training), and claims he isn't hungry for lunch either. No wonder he is miserable if he isn't eating!
  9. NJdieter

    I don’t know if it is worth it

    Thank you all for the advice. W/r/t my husband, I have no idea what he is - or isn't - eating during the week. I leave for work before he gets up and he comes home as I am getting ready for bed. There is food in the fridge but I can't control what he does with it. He isn't a big meat eater to begin with so this is a pretty radical departure for him. I'm cooking more Thai than usual and while Indian is a staple in our house already I made a couple of new coconut-based curries that were really delicious. We usually eat rice 4-5 days/week but I have been able to switch to cauliflower rice without missing a beat. My son also LOVES the 2 different versions of meatballs that we made last week (so much so that I will be buying 3lbs of ground chicken and 3lbs of ground turkey with the hopes that there might be some left over to take to work). I guess what I meant by "not experiencing any lows" is that this isn't hard for me *at all.* No real cravings and I'm no more hungry than I normally am (I do the same breakfast/lunch in an hour thing when not eating W30, it's just the way my body is I guess) so I just figure that it must not be doing anything to help. I was pretty proud of myself for going out to a burger place with my coworkers and ordering grilled salmon over greens with avocado on the side rather than the burger and fries that everyone else got. Someone offered me a fry and I wasn't even tempted. This is day 9 so as long as you (collectively) are pretty confident that this journey will end somewhere good I don't mind continuing along the path.
  10. NJdieter

    I don’t know if it is worth it

    Thanks for responding. I’m not sure why you think I’m not having enough food and especially enough fats. Curry is made with coconut milk and has protein in it and my eggs had avocado on them. As for the 8 hours between meals, i was still ravenous after eating the first half of my breakfast/lunch but by the time I ate the 2nd half a) I didn’t have any more food with me at work and b) I didn’t really need anything else until I got home anyway. Besides, if I added another meal wouldn’t that just made me gain even more weight unless the other meals are smaller? i have looked at the template and while my meals aren’t laid out with a protein in the middle and veggies around the side conceptually every one matches the idea of a big of protein, fat, and a lot of vegetables. I have also seen the timeline and am not really experiencing any of the highs or lows that it talks about. That’s why I’m so skeptical about the ability to actually see results and question whether all of this is worth it (for my husband) if I’m not going to.
  11. NJdieter

    I don’t know if it is worth it

    For what it is worth it takes a lot to fill me up in the morning so I will eat my breakfast and lunch (and anything else I might have on hand, which is why I don’t bring any extra) within the span of about an hour most days and then go from 8:30/9:30 to 5:30 or later without needing a snack. It doesn’t matter how much I eat for breakfast, I’m always ready for lunch by 9 at the latest. Eg today I had 2cups of curry with cauliflower, squash, and sweet potatoes and 2 cups of cauliflower rice with okra for breakfast by 730 and was totally fine until I had eggs for dinner (3 eggs scrambled with ~3c of roasted broccoli, onions, and peppers with 1/3 an avocado on top for fat). I don’t drink anything besides water.
  12. My husband and I just finished day 7 and are having remarkably different experiences. I am trying to lose about 5lbs and make my pants fit better while he wants to lose about 20. My diet was pretty good before I started (I’d eat a small piece of chocolate some days,especially about 2 weeks before my period, but otherwise eat pretty cleanly), whereas he has a bigger addiction to sugar and white rice. For me this week has been insanely easy. I miss the convenience of my morning protein shake but have figured out a way around it. Otherwise I have had virtually no cravings and am not hungry. However I haven’t lost any weight at all and my pants and bras are getting tighter,not looser. I’m not really interested in non-getting smaller victories, so if my clothing doesn’t fit better at the end I’m not going to be consoled by anything else that might happen. My husband on the other hand is miserable all the time. He used to get a lot of pleasure from food and now he says that it isn’t worth eating because everything here has is unsatisfying. He’s dropping weight like crazy but hates his life. Is is it worth continuing if neither of us are getting what we want? Week 1 is supposed to be where one loses water weight and that clearly hasn’t happened for me. I honestly question whether I will come out of this any smaller. He desperately wants to switch to south beach or something else that will at least give him dairy in exchange for starchy veggies and fruits. He has even suggested something like Jenny Craig but I really like the emphasis on Whole Foods and home cooking in this program. I drink plenty of water and walk at least 5 miles/day. I’m getting enough fat through coconut milk (reduced fat) in Indian or Thai curries and oil on roasted veggies. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just hate seeing him so miserable.