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    It sounds like you've got a lot on the plate (sorry; inadvertent pun) but if you're looking for a reset, I can attest that this is really that. I've only been on it for 3 weeks, but I will say that the first week or so was the hardest for me because I wasn't used to finding/following whole30 recipes religiously. After about 10 days, the planning/shopping/chopping/cooking process got to be much easier. I hope you have success with it. The successes I've had so far have been worth the grind.
  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, both. And I am finding myself more confident in the kitchen, even after just six days. The cookbook also led me to discover roasted red peppers. Wow. Did not know what I was missing.
  3. I told myself to join the forum on my start date Monday but I've been so busy cooking that I haven't had time. Excited and humbly admit I'm not very good in the kitchen, despite my advanced age, so its been a labor-heavy week. But proud of myself for stepping up. Feeling committed so far.