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  1. Aross

    Timing of Tiger Blood

    Thanks for the tip on the fat consumption. I will switch that up. As for caffeine I am a one cup girl and that’s usually by 7 am so shouldn’t be a an issue. I will give it a bit more time and see what happens. Thanks !
  2. Aross

    Timing of Tiger Blood

    Pretty close to that. I generally work out in the morning so when I eat can vary. If I am running it’s generally for at least and hour so I try to eat some carbs prior and follow with a post workout protein/fat. If it’s cross training It generally fasted and I have a full meal after showering which can be a little longer than an hour. My evening meal is by far my largest meal of the day.
  3. I have found the Tigerblood. The issue I have is that it comes at 9pm and last till about midnight. My schedule dictates 5am mornings. Any suggestions? Could it be timing of my evening meal or what I am eating?